Monday, 23 March 2015

Magnificent Obsession

I'm not sure what is going on in my knitting world at the moment as all I seem to want to knit in my non work knitting time is socks. You are very likely to see me on the tube or bus or in the Stepney City Farm Cafe quite happily knitting away on a sock, barely pausing to look down at my work.  I'm not even particularly keen on knitting some of the exciting new designs and architectures that are around at the moment. I seem to be quite happy with a good old fashioned sock, knit either from the top down of the toe up with possibly a simple pattern but one that mostly lets the yarn speak for itself and doesn't require a great deal of active thought on my part.

My most recent output is testament to this:

First a pair of socks which have been on the needles for some time but recently finished off. They are Dead Simple Lace Socks (I told you I was in an uncomplicated mood) from Wendy Johnson's book Socks From The Toe Up knit in Yarn Yard Macushla, a merino, cashmere and nylon blend in one of Natalie's signature colour ways that is made up of a subtle blend of colour washes and glazes to come up with the overall effect.

Whilst the sock looks a pinkish orange from a distance it is actually made up of highlights of brick, yellow and white.

Secondly, another Wendy Johnson pattern, this time Mock Cable Socks from the same book using Madeline Tosh Sock in Firewood. This is another yarn where the dyes are used expertly to produce amazing colour effects.

I really enjoyed knitting every stitch of these socks.

And just to ring the changes I had a request from my niece for a pair of socks so what better than another Madeline Tosh yarn from completely the other end of the scale, Pop Rocks. This time I chose to knit them from the top down using Anne Budd's Handy Book of Patterns to work out the numbers.

I still get enormous satisfaction from turning a heel.

I'm not sure how long this period of sock comfort knitting is going to last as I have several more pairs in the pipeline but I have a plentiful supply of sock yarn and no shortage of willing recipients including myself so this could run and run.....

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bronchitikat said...

I knit socks almost compulsively, plain, fancy, doesn't matter. It's sometimes the only way I can knit in the summer when sitting under a lap full of wool is just
not on.