Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Introducing the Atherfield Hat

I know, I know, not another pair of fingerless mitts this time but as I sit here listening to the wind whistle around the house and think about heading out to work later I thought it was time to launch this warm and cosy hat. 

Inspired by the seamark off the coast of Atherfield Bay on the Isle of Wight, this hat was originally conceived for teaching intermediate knitting students the basics of knitting in the round, working ribbing, stocking and reverse stocking stitch in the round and the use of the double decrease. We used a cosy chunky yarn so that the project could be knitted quickly and hats could be shown off at the next class.

It soon became clear that this slouchy beany style with width given by the way that the stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch bands rest on each other suited pretty much everyone who tried it on. I'll come clean and admit that I struggle to find a hat that will suit me but even I'm happy with the way it looks on me!

The pale green sample is knit in Woolyknits Lofty in Olive and the darker green sample is in Jo Sharp  Silk Road Ultra in Elm.  Offered in two sizes this hat knits up really quickly and can be keeping your ears warm within a couple of evenings.

It makes a perfect quick gift from that spare ball of chunky yarn that you might have lying around. This hat can be made from one ball of chunky yarn as long as it has at least 106m per 100g.

I love the way that these hats stack up on each other. I can't help but imagine having a pile of these hats in a rainbow of colours by the front door so that I can grab one to match my mood or outfit as I leave the house.

 The pattern is available as a download for £2.50 from my Ravelry Shop. It would make a perfect first project for someone who hasn't knitted in the round before or for an experienced knitter who fancies a bit of instant gratification.


Laura said...

I am now a bit worried, Jane. How did you know that I've spent the last three days hunting for a knitting pattern in chunky yarn that would be good for a first 'in the round' project? Worried and chuffed, of course, because this is exactly what I was looking for!

I love the look of it, and will let you know how I get on! :)

Mairead Hardy said...

A beautiful design Jane! I can see a few of these in my future. :-)

Frances said...

Jane, what fun I have just had getting caught up on your recent posts. My goodness, what a lot you have been working on. The results are grand.

I love the design of this hat, how its "squares" a circle and has tripple ridges and just enough detailing to keep the knitting interesting, and the overall design is charming. Bravo!

That shawl in the previous post is a beauty...wonderful yarn that really suits the pattern.

And you had me smiling at your steady progress on the marvelous tweedy crocheted blanket. I also really like that yarn and always enjoy using it, to knit or crochet.

I do promise to get back here soon. Meanwhile, Happy October! xo

Shara said...

Oh Jane, this pattern is fantastic :-) Mum told me about it and how much she loved it, so I just bought the pattern for her on Ravelry :-) I'm sure she'll post pics on Instagram of her Atherfield Hat :-)