Monday, 22 September 2014

When sock knitting bears fruit

After a very warm late summer, this morning, just past the equinox I can feel that things are starting to change. The sky is bright and clear but the air has a crispness to it mingled with the peppery smell of falling leaves on cool damp earth. Autumn may finally be here.

I love this time of year. After the humid lethargy of a London summer, autumn air has a clean energy to it. Best of all, I can continue to use my garden as an outdoor office by making sure I have a good supply of hand knits to wrap up in - what's not to love?

As regular readers will know, I have a large and growing collection of hand knitted socks but that doesn't mean that I take them for granted. Of course, I have many pairs, some knitted in beautiful yarns, others made with intricate patterns and colour work but there is also a place in the sock collection for those work horse socks made with £2 balls of yarn for wearing around the house as you see here. One of them might also have been washed with something red giving it a slight pink tinge but, tucked inside my red Birkenstocks they still keep my toes cosy and fit perfectly. I still wouldn't swap them for a commercial sock.

 At the other end of the scale, these socks that I have just finished are my idea of yarn heaven. I am still going through my top down, plain sock knitting phase and chose one of my precious last skeins of Mountain Colours Bearfoot, a wool and mohair mix which makes some of the cosiest socks I have ever owned. They get quite fuzzy with wear but that just seems to make them feel warmer.

I'm afraid my camera hasn't quite been able to do justice to the deep reds and blues of the yarn.

You won't find me pulling these on first thing in the morning for a day working from home but if you see me out and about in my glad rags you might just find me slipping my shoes off and showing off my socks!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks as always....and when you get to be my age.....wear them! all the time, anytime.

Louise Tilbrook said...

As a fellow knitter I too relish chilly autumn mornings. All hail to the handknit sock :)

kgirlknits said...

brilliant colours, and they go so well with your clogs!

We're heading into Spring/Summer in Australia, so I'm lamenting the fact that I will soon need to pack away my handknit socks for the season :(

Frances said...

Jane, those stripy socks look great with your red shoes. I love this time of the year when adding socks to the wardrobing mix means adding wonderful accents.

(I admit that I've already started knitting a new tubular cowl scarf with fair isle patterning, and have yet again left my set aside socks to the side. I am so close to finishing these socks. One afternoon would do it..)

Best wishes, xo