Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Three new patterns available to download

I'm very pleased to say that after their successful launch at Fibre East this weekend these mitts are now available to download from Ravelry. Just follow the link beneath each photograph or in the side bar. 

Bouldnor Mitts

The beach at Bouldnor on the Isle of Wight is small, secluded and rocky but it has a hidden treasure. As a family we would take our nets and slipping and slithering on the rocks and seaweed harvest juicy prawns which we would cook over a stove on the beach and watch the sun go down. This pattern reminds me of the interlocking fronds of the seaweed. 

Broadlands Mitts

I am descended from Nottinghamshire lace makers who came to work at Broadlands Lace Factory in Newport Isle of Wight in the early nineteenth century. The building still exists as apartments having spent some years as government offices. The decorative cabled lace panel contrasted with the austere ribbing on this mitt evoke the phases in the life of this building. 

Hillis Gate Mitts

A mitt inspired by the deep eaves and tall chimneys of Hillis Gate Lodge, the cottage in the forest where my grandparents lived.

As you can see, I have drawn a lot of my recent inspiration from my family history on the Isle of Wight. 

I hope you like them.


Celia Hart said...

All three are definitely my sort of thing! Great designs for when I'm out walking in winter with my camera and sketchbook.

Excuse to buy more yarn :-)

eight by six said...

great designs and lovely to have inspiration from your own life and incorporate them into these patterns

Frances said...

I found my way over here via Celia Hart's site, and must tell you how much I admire your knitting.

I was hoping to find a way to "follow" your posts, but did not see a way to do so. No matter, I can continue to visit via Celia's place.

Best wishes from New York City.

fcrowe said...

Hi there,
When I saw the Broadland mitts I knew they were exactly the pattern I had been searching for so I have accordingly downloaded the pattern and cast on. I have struck one problem, though. It is impossible to read the key to the chart symbols on my iPad and phone! I think I have the basic ones right but I'm really not sure about the cables. Is there any way I can clarify these?
I am loving the pattern, otherwise!

steelwool said...

Lovely mitts, esp the hills gate pattern. I do love a pattern that has a story. Somehow makes it more enjoyable to knit and think about what inspired the designer.