Friday, 25 July 2014

Introducing the Hillis Gate Mitts

I just have time to give you one more pattern preview before Fibre East, The Hillis Gate Mitts. This design is also inspired by the history of my family on the Isle of Wight. The pattern reminds me of the tall chimneys and deep eaves of Hillis Gate Lodge, the cottage that my grandparents lived in from the 1930s to the 1950s. The cottage is one of the gate lodges to Parkhurst Forest in the north west of the Island. My maternal grandparents moved there with their three children when my mum, the youngest was very small. My grandfather was employed as a forester and this was a 'tied cottage' which meant that he could live there as long as he was a forester. The cottage is incredibly picturesque as you can see but through all the time my grandparents lived there it had no running water, indoor plumbing or electricity. My grandmother would light the 'copper' on a Sunday night ready for bath night and the Monday wash. Mum and my uncles did their homework by gaslight and calls of nature were answered in the earth closet at the bottom of the garden.

It was, however, a happy home of which my mum and uncles spoke fondly. When my parents were married they spent the first three years of their married life there.


It did occur to me however, that it might on occasions have been quite chilly so I designed a pair of short but cosy mitts in sport weight yarn that could be worn around the house as well as outdoors.

The green pair are made in Yarn Yard Hug in a lovely 1930s inspired shade of green.

The cable rib design is good and stretchy and runs uninterrupted from cuff to fingertips.

The pattern is echoed on the thumbs.

The yellow pair are made from Quince & Co Chickadee in the Apricot colourway.

Both versions can be made with less than 50g of yarn.

This is the last of my pre Fibre East previews. I do hope that if you are there you will come over to our stand,' Nic and Jane' in Cotswold Tent. We'd be delighted if you would come over and say hello, squish some yarn and try the mitts on albeit briefly as the forecast says it will be hot - even though here in east London as I write we are in the middle of a torrential thunder storm!


Mairead Hardy said...

So pretty! A beautiful collection.

LynS said...

Thanks for the story of your grandparents' house. I'm old enough to remember the lighting of the wood-fired copper for Monday's wash, so this post has some resonance! Great mitts pattern, and I particularly like them in the vintage-y green colour.