Monday, 30 June 2014

Down to the sea

I have just returned from a few days in a cottage in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. Aldeburgh is a small, quiet and artistic community famed for its annual music festival. The High Street is full of picture postcard cottages, book shops and galleries and an amazing fish and chip shop. 

However, my favourite part of Aldeburgh is the seafront. There are none of the usual features of a seaside town here - no amusement arcades and kiss me quick hats but equally, no exclusive restaurants and bars. What struck me most was the simplicity of a small town which continues to make some part of its living from the sea.

Of course, there are some artfully placed reminders of the history of fishing in the area with this beautifully restored boat.

And a steady stream of tourists ensure that fishermen can find a ready market for their catch straight from the beach.

The beaches that I grew up with are very different to this. I am used to cliffs and bays and coves but have to say that I am drawn to the straight lines of sky, sea and beach that this open coastline offers.

I love some of the juxtapositions of modern fishing boats and their ephemera with the coastal plants attempting to gain a foothold and softening the stark lines of the landscape.

There are no jetties here so the boats are simply hauled back up onto the beach by tractors and winches,

Nature starts to overwhelm abandoned machinery.

All the equipment for the task of fishing lies out on the wide expanse of beach.

In some cases threatening to engulf the boats entirely.

And what was I doing while all this hard work was going on?

Sometimes I put my feet up on the patio and knitted.

And sometimes I knitted by the sea. It was wonderful to spend some time just sitting and watching this simple landscape accompanied by the gentle rhythm of my needles. A perfect way to relax.


bronchitikat said...

Looks beautiful.

Also looks like a good place for water skiing - it's important to get the sea horizon horizontal, Jane!

Annecosse said...

I lived nearby in Felixstowe for many years, your lovely photos make me homesick! I was at Snape a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely.