Friday, 7 February 2014

Big sisters are allowed to brag

Especially when they are lucky enough to have very crafty younger sisters. I've been meaning to show you this since Christmas when my sister gave it to me. Ever since I can remember in our family we have been encouraged to make things. We were always surrounded with wool, needles, scissors, paints and pencils, worked our way through plasticine, Play Doh, pipe cleaners and glitter and never threw anything away in case it came in handy for some Blue Peter inspired crafting project.

As we've grown older we've continued to make things when we've had the time and my sister has specialised in making felt from discarded garments and turning them int really beautiful and useful things like this tea cosy. We both love exchanging hand made gifts at Christmas as they are so much more personal and truly one of a kind. This makes me particularly happy as it has been made with bits and pieces that might otherwise have been thrown away.

If you look very carefully you can see that the body of it was a cabled sweater in another life.

I love the simplicity of the design and how beautifully it has been stitched.

But most of all I am charmed by the button on the top!


Melinda Jackson said...

What a pretty tea cosy! I especially like the buttons to represent eggs in the nest. You certainly are allowed to brag about your sister's skills.

tea and cake said...

How wonderful!

Rose Windman said...


That is amazing, I remember when I was young we used to do stuff like that at home, also my kids used to do it when they were in school. I still have every single thing they made, how Mum is that!!!! Do you think you will be coming to Melbourne anytime soon.

Love Rose