Friday, 6 December 2013

Close Knit

One of the pleasures and pitfalls of working in a beautiful knitting shop is the opportunity to see all the lovely new things out there to tempt knitters. Right now we have all fallen in love with these Alpaca fur pompoms from Toft Alpacas so this little grey cloud had to come home with me. 

I'm not sure that it quite fits in with my personal style but I know someone for whom it would be absolutely perfect - my twelve year old niece. Next step was to find a suitable pattern.

On my bookshelves I have a huge collection of back numbers of Interweave Knits, going back many years. For me, and many other knitters this publication has in the past been the most eagerly anticipated source of the best of knitting patterns but recently, maybe because now there is such a huge increase in the resources that are available online and from independent designers it has rather gone under my radar and I haven't renewed my subscription for a couple of years. However, a quick flick through the latest copy revealed the perfect pattern, - the Cote - Nord cap by Amy Cristoffers. Using a skein of the always reliable Cascade 220 it was a quick and enjoyable knit . There also seem to be a number of very knittable patterns in this issue so I shall make sure that I don't forget about it again!

I never plan Christmas knitting as I don't enjoy the pressure of deadline knitting but this will make a perfect stocking filler.

As a family we all love making things and often give each other things that we have made as presents. As we don't get to see each other every day they are a real tangible reminder that someone cares enough about you to take the time to sit and make something for you and when you see it they are recalled to your mind and form part of the fabric of daily life. My sister often makes me laugh by telling me about the random conversations that happen in her household in which I make an appearance. For example:

N: Mum, have you ever cried in an advert?
S: No, I don't think so.
N:I bet Aunty Jane has.

Embarrassingly she is right.


Tracy said...

That's gorgeous Jane, I bet she'll love it! :)

Roobeedoo said...

Gasp - that pompom is amazing! :D
And I love the contrast of textures next to the cables :)

Rebecca Ward said...

Those Alpaca pompoms are really lovely! How tempting to work in a knitting shop, not sure how I could leave every day without buying something!