Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A mindless interlude

This post comes to you courtesy of my out of control stash and my friend Rachel aka Knittingtastic. You see it happened like this... We met up for lunch the other day and the conversation turned, as it quite often does, to the fact that we both have quite substantial stockpiles of yarn but never the right thing for that new project that we are itching to start. Rachel was thinking about a project which requires an eye watering number of balls of Kid Silk Haze. I remembered that somewhere in deep stash I had a few balls which I had no particular plans for and suggested that rather than immediately go out and buy more yarn we ask each other if we have anything suitable on a sort of 'yarn credit' arrangement. I know that Rachel has very good taste in yarn - I'm no fool...
Later on that evening with towers of plastic boxes wobbling overhead I found the KSH I was looking for plus a big bag of Sugar ' n Creme dishcloth cotton that I had brought back from a trip to the US about 5 years ago.

I had over the years wondered what had become of it. Now here is where Rachel pops up again in my litany of self justification as only a few weeks ago she had blogged about making dishcloths so I thought, why not? I had just cast off a couple of large projects and was caught up in tha tend of summer, beginning of autumn feeling of wanting to plan my autumn knitting but not quite wanting to let go of summer so a bit of mindless dishcloth knitting seemed the perfect relaxation.
I found a simple,practical pattern, The Double Bump Dishcloth which has all the qualities that I wanted, easily memorised, lays flat, and is reversible and cast on. In what seemed like minutes
 I had this.

 Now for someone who has been working on two seemingly endless stocking and garter stitch projects this seemed nothing short of miraculous so I cast on another.

And another

I have a mixture of solid and variegated balls of cotton so it was interesting to see how each one would knit up

 Soon I had a small pile

And have already cast on Number 5.To get me in the mood for this somewhat old fashioned activity which I first did at the age of six in Primary School I used a pair of vintage plastic needles from the collection that I keep just because they are pretty. They are the perfect size and texture for dishcloth knitting although I have to treat them with respect as they are a bit brittle, a rather lovely peach pair has already gone the way of all things since I started this project.

I have plenty of cotton left so I can see myself knitting a quick cloth when I really haven't got the brain power for anything else. The only trouble is that I'm a little bit loathe to make my nice new dishcloths dirty in the kitchen which I accept might be a little odd. I have, however, decided on a compromise which I can live with. For some reason I have absolutely no problem with using knitted washcloths in the bathroom and have done for years. Some of these are showing their age a little so I have decided that these will do very nicely as dishcloths whereas my beautiful new ones will either become gifts (possibly together with a nice bar of hand made soap to dissuade the recipient from pressing them to culinary duties) or will start their working lives in the slightly more rarefied atmosphere of my bathroom.

Sometimes I forget it's only knitting. 


woollythinker said...

"Only knitting" pffft. It's your time and creativity, made concrete. Is there anything more precious?

I don't much like knitting washcloths (agreed that dishcloths are somehow a step too far). But I do like using them, and so do my family, so I've been doing a similar stashbusting exercise lately. I use bee stitch and knit them on the bias, the better to control their size. Tedious – but useful.

Sarah said...

Washcloths definitely seems a more appropriate destination for new knitting to me :)

Deb said...

I have friends that like these for Christmas. Is the pattern on line and did it use the whole ball of yarn?