Saturday, 17 August 2013

I've been knitting

I've been meaning to write something all week. Trouble is, every time I prepared to sit down I would say to my self  'But I don't have anything to show'. I spend several hours every day knitting away but the only things that I have cast off (and frogged and sworn at and started again if I'm honest) are prototypes for patterns that may or may not appear here at some point.
However, when I'm not 'work' knitting,and to be frank, I still find it very difficult to think of it as work, I have been knitting away diligently, productively and almost monogamously but am still at the point where I am completely committed to a project but know that a significant amount of knitting lies between me and the finished article.

For example we have this:

Flushed with success at completing my grey Vitamin D cardigan and knowing how much wear I have already got from my green one I dived into my seemingly bottomless stash of bargainous Coldspring Mill Silky Wool and came up with this glorious yellow. When I have finished a project the hours of time invested in it seem to fly out of my memory so I cast on another one thinking I would have knocked it out in a week or so despite the fact that I am not exactly knitting the smallest size...

Acres of stocking stitch later I have a yoke, two sleeves and quite a lot of body done but am still a good six inches away from covering my ...assets. The rows are long and will get longer before I'm finished. What is it about long rows that sap the strength from even the most optimistic knitter?

As if these marathon rows weren't enough, it just so happens that my current shawl project has also reached the stage of eye wateringly long rows with the prospect of a hearty slab of garter stitch edging between me and the cast off. Of course, I really like the pattern, Life on Sundays by Veera Valimaki, and the yarn, the sadly discontinued Clan by The Yarn Yard is absolutely perfect for it.

Being tall and ahem..somewhat statuesque I decided that I would work more repeats of the pattern until the yarn ran out. Little did I know that someone appears to have invented the yarn which has no end. I may be knitting a cover for a football pitch.

Of course, the moment these are off the needles I will have forgotten all about this and you're not going to remind me if you see me casting on a 4th Vitamin D are you?

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Susan Sharpe said...

I've been knitting some yarn most of the year, it's been two shawls, and I'm still not happy with it's latest incarnation. I think it will be socks!

And the shawl I'm really happy with - now - took some trial and error, on my part not being able to read pattern, and so that appears to have been really slow too.

I'll get something finished eventually!