Monday, 1 July 2013

The Big Reveal

So now Woolfest is over I can show you what was in the box! Not one, but two new mitt patterns! These mitts were designed to take less than 50g of yarn and to showcase Natalie Fergie's yarn which, conveniently often comes in 50g skeins. We have been aware for some time that in these difficult economic times,a whole 100g skein of yarn can be a little beyond the budget whereas a skein of yarn and a specially designed pattern for under £10 makes a lovely gift or just a well deserved treat to yourself!

The first pattern, the Belinus Mitts was inspired by stone circles and ley lines with horizontal stripes leading into vertical ribs. The Belinus line runs from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Man and beyond so seemed quite appropriate as it links south and north. Although it is a simple striped mitt I have tried to incorporate some neat little touches such as ensuring that when the colours change the stripes are clear and well defined unlike in ribbed mittens. Similarly, the jog that often occurs in striped garments knit in the round has been softened due to the stitch pattern used.

The other mitt launched at Woolfest is Forgotten Love, with cables and twisted stitches, using a traditional Austrian motif known as Forgotten Love. I made the sample in the photo from Bonny, Natalie's hard working simple sock yarn. I found that its robust texture really emphasises twisted stitch patterns so can highly recommend it.

We are pleased to say that along with my existing patterns, the Glasgow School Mitts and the Palm House Mitts, the patterns really went down well, to the extent that one customer even asked me to autograph his patterns and I turned into a blushing fool. In the times that I was able to leave the P-Hop stand it was lovely to see people enjoying choosing yarns to match the patterns and vice-versa.

Both the Belinus Mitts and Forgotten Love are now available to download from my Ravelry store.


Bernardeena said...

I love those forgotten love mitts, they are beautiful. The cable work is so pretty.

Terrell said...