Sunday, 28 July 2013

Compton Bay Hat and Mitts

This month I was more excited than usual when my copy of Knit Now magazine dropped through my letterbox. 

Allow me to introduce the first pattern that I have had printed in a magazine - the Compton Bay Hat and Mitts.
 Knit Now is still a relatively new knitting magazine and what sets it apart from the others is that it specialises in patterns for small projects and accessories. The editorial style is also very open and supportive towards new designers so they seemed the ideal first magazine for me to approach. I have learnt a great deal through the process of this pattern coming to print. I made the first submission back in February for just the mitts seen below. My submission was accepted along with the note 'Could you make a hat to go with them?' Eek! I have never designed a hat before but nothing ventured, nothing gained, I had a go and found I really enjoyed it. I was glad to be taken out of my comfort zone.

Another benefit of making this submission is that it really taught me how the process of getting an idea into print works and all the stages that have to be gone through. Waiting for yarn for the sample, knitting to a tight deadline, writing to a strict format, last minute queries about details in the pattern were all new to me.

As a relatively new designer my ideas often go through a number of trial runs before I am happy with them. I thought you might like to see a couple of the versions of the mitts that I made while I was developing the pattern. The set above are made in the Uncommon Thread Bluefaced Leicester DK in the Into Dust shade. The pair below are made in Quince & Co's Tern in the Kelp shade. 

Clearly I am going to have to work a little bit more efficiently in the future as when I get an idea I'm really excited about I am sorely tempted to knit it up in all kinds of colours and yarns. I'm fighting the temptation to cast on another hat as we speak but the next Knit Now submission deadline is almost upon us and I need to focus!


LynS said...

Congratulations on becoming a published pattern designer. Love the mitts.

tea and cake said...

I recognised you in the mag! I love both the hat and the mitts - and will be knitting both. Congratulations to you!

tea and cake said...

Hi Jane, I linked you on my blog, hope that's okay?