Monday, 8 July 2013

Beardy Beatnik Beige

I am very lucky to have some really talented friends. It is especially nice when you are able to do a project that combines the skills of two of them. These are Beat Feet Socks by Rachel Atkinson from Knit Now Number 20 in Bonny sock yarn by Natalie Fergie.

The pattern is inspired by the cabled sweaters worn by the beatniks of the 1950s which according to Rachel if the sample is anything to go by were red. Now my images may be filtered a little by black and white images of young men with berets and beards smoking Gauloises in Greenwich Village bars but in my imagination beatniks wore beige.I also thought that a paler colour would show off the interesting cable pattern better.

When it comes to sourcing a good beige sock yarn I need look no further than my friend Natalie who has the confidence and sureness of touch to not only dye vibrant and colourful yarn but also to produce neutral yarns that are interesting and beautiful in their own way. For me this is the perfect Beardy Beatnik Beige. I have a feeling she won't be adopting that as a colour name though...

The yarn was slightly lighter than that suggested so I made the M/L size and went down a needle size. The pattern is interesting enough to maintain interest but simple enough to be a travel project. These were finished thanks to the long drive to and from Woolfest. I would definitely recommend this pattern.

Off to put them on and write some angry verse.


Susan Sharpe said...

Gorgeous combination

Chad said...

This is fantastic!