Tuesday, 11 June 2013


June is shaping up to be quite a busy and exciting month with lots to do and deadlines to meet. When things start to feel a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure what to pick up next I like to grab a pretty braid of fibre and sit down at the wheel and start spinning. The rhythm of the wheel and the need to co- ordinate hands, feet and eyes mean that for a brief time I can let my mind wander. Often I find that I'm able to sort out my priorities and next steps by taking myself aside in this way.
Having just aired the fibre stash I have just got to know some old friends I had hidden away. Here is some Polworth fibre in the colourway Jackaroo from Come in Spinner in Australia. It is quite hard to come by in the UK and I was lucky enough to receive this as part of the Socktopus Fibre Club way back in 2009.  

The roving is dyed in generous chunks of shades which remind me of the embers of a camp fire. I decided that I wanted to make the most of them so I divided the roving in half horizontally and spun it onto two bobbins which I plied against each other. Very little pre drafting was required and the fibre flowed beautifully through my hands. The whole skein took a matter of hours to finish. I was very lucky in the way that the colours fell, blending with each other without much solid colour but should knit up with distinct but muted stripes. It's probably some of the prettiest yarn I have spun for a long time.

I estimate I have about 200m of DK weight yarn that is soft enough to be worn against the skin. I think I'll make a cowl with it but need to decide what sort of pattern will complement the yarn.

Any suggestions?


Niki Curtis said...

Nothing too fancy, how about Saturday Afternoon Cowl from Kristen Finlay? You'd have to play with gauge, but that sort of purl and plain texture should allow it to glow.

Bernardeena said...

I think something fairly simple to bet show off the yarn. It is absolutely beautiful.