Thursday, 9 May 2013

slow, slow, quick, quick...

Sometimes a project takes a while to come to fruition. Last year I bought a beautiful braid of bluefaced Leicester and mohair fibre from Picperfic Marianne. I had only spun with mohair once before when I was a fairly inexperienced spinner and quite frankly made a total hash of it. I was hoping that by blending it with my favourite bluefaced Leicester it might be a little kinder to me this time.

 I split the fibre down the middle and spun about 350 metres of fingering weight two ply yarn. As you can see, the resulting yarn was in fact rather lovely with the sheen of the BFL and the fuzziness of the mohair. Whilst I spun it up quite soon after I bought it, this skein sat in my basket of hand spun yarn for rather a long time. I just couldn't decide what I was going to do with it.

A few weeks ago I went out for lunch with a group of fellow knitters. I am only too aware that once I get chatting, there is no point in me taking anything but the simplest of projects along with me. Of course, all the work in progress that I had on hand were either too large to be portable, design prototypes or too complicated for public knitting. Time was running short so I grabbed the nearest skein (this one), wound it and flicked through my pile of patterns for something simple. The centre section of Ishbel seemed ideal.

I have knit the pattern before so I knew that it should showcase the variegation in the yarn well.

I started knitting on the bus and by the time I had got home I had pretty much finished the stocking stitch section. There is something really satisfying in knitting your own hand spun yarn plus the added interest of seeing how the colour changes will work out.

Two evenings more work and I realised that there was no way that I was going to have enough yarn to complete the edging of the shawl but I cast off anyway. There was enough wiggle in the edge for me to be able to block it reasonably successfully.

Now I have a lovely light, slightly fuzzy shoulder shawl. After all my procrastination and fiddling about it went from pet skein to finished project in the course of three days. Sometimes decisions made on the fly work better than long cogitation....


RooKnits said...

Stunning Jane.

Celia Hart said...

I love the colours.
Worth the wait.

Susan said...

Really beautiful Jane.