Friday, 24 May 2013

For the love of grey

As a knitter I am always nervous about knitting larger garments. I have drawers full of socks, mitts and shawls but tend to shy away from committing myself to a cardigan or jumper. The main reason is the worry that after all the work involved, the garment won't fit or suit me. Top down construction and gaining an understanding of what shapes suit me have helped, as well as finding a pattern which is interesting enough to keep working on.

Last year I noticed the Vitamin D cardigan pattern on lots of people of various shapes and sizes as I went round the shows and festivals so thought I would have a go. I dipped into my precious stash of Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool and knitted one in a vibrant lime green. I have to say that this cardigan is probably the most successful that I have ever knitted. I love wearing it and adore its vibrant colour that doesn't necessarily go with everything but it is still the first garment I pick up if there's a nip in the air.

In fact I love it so much I thought I would make another one in a slightly less in your face colour, this time a gentle blue grey, once again my favourite cardigan yarn, the good old EL Silky Wool. It has the perfect drape and texture to make it just as wearable on a cool summer evening as through the autumn and winter. It's a little heavier than the yarn specified in the pattern so I adjusted needle size and size knitted.

I like simple shapes and the elegance of stocking stitch but it can be a bit of a slog in quantity. The joy of this pattern is that there are a couple of ingenious wedges of short row shaping which put a lovely curve on the bottom edge but also prevent long row tedium setting in. I'm sure this cardigan will also become a wardrobe favourite. I do have a nice cone of orange Silky Wool too...

Despite my preference for bright, vibrant colours Id o have a soft spot for the gentle subtlety of grey. This bowl is one of my favourite pieces. It's from a set of Poole Pottery that I inherited from my mum and dad. I love the neutral dove grey outside which conceals the robin's egg blue inside.

 A brief browse through my stash reveals a clutch of beautiful skeins of grey yarn waiting to be used.
They are, from left to right, Sparkleduck BFL/Nylon sock yarn, Nickerjac 100% BFL 4ply, Highfield Textiles Shetland DK with The Yarn Yard Toddy in the centre. I'm resisting the urge to have a casting on frenzy.

The Nickerjac skein has a small addition - a lovely hand made matching shawl pin. I am so lucky to know such multi talented people.

Finally, I have to mention my friend Lyn's blog, Shades of Grey, which I am sure has been partly responsible for reminding me how beautiful and sophisticated this shade can be.


natalie said...

I do like a good grey.
Although a dirt brown is even better...

jam_mam said...

Now I want to cast on a vitamin D instantly - yum!