Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Bunny

Every knitter has their favourite sorts of projects. I have gone through phases. As you can tell from this blog I have been very fond of knitting socks. Having filled several drawers and become rather predictable in my present giving I have moved on to knitting mittens, gloves, shawls, cowls and even the occasional hat and cardigan. But not bunnies. Until now.

Of course, this isn't entirely my fault. Partial responsibility has to be taken by my friend Rachel who blogged about them here and my colleague Juju who designed and posted the pattern here. The really cute thing about this bunny is that it has a secret pocket in its back in which you can hide a tiny Easter egg. Add a pin and it's a little brooch.I'm seeing my sister and her family tomorrow so knew that my niece Florrie would love one.
Whilst I'm really looking forward to seeing the family, this weekend is a little bittersweet as we are meeting to finally clear up my late father's house as it has now been sold. It was our childhood home so now our relationship with the Isle of Wight will be different but we are all keen to maintain our links.
With this in mind there was no other yarn to make the bunny with but natural alpaca from the Warrenfield Alpaca Farm in Wootton, Isle of Wight. I made his tail from a little bit of hand spun Romney shearling and his eye from a tiny mother of pearl button from the family button tin.


He may only be a little fellow but he carries a lot of love!.


Tracy said...

What a gorgeous little gift Jane I'm sure your niece will love it! Thinking of you and hope all goes well this weekend :)

Susan said...

I just love the little bunny. So, as a novice at blogging I followed the link to the pattern, and 'oh no, ' not a magic loop. I've heard about it so many times and never even googled what you do. I see a challenge coming on. The little brooches would be such fun little extras.