Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Insert suitable New Year cliche here

Well Happy New Year everyone! Yes, in keeping with half the blogosphere I am here at the keyboard, solemnly planning to be a better, more regular and interesting blogger. So today I have two offerings - one, something I certainly need to do more of, a finished project,  and the second, simply something that made me happy today.
My finished project is a pair of Hummingbird Socks from The Knitter's Book of Socks by Clara Parkes. These have been languishing on the needles for so long that when I rediscovered them at the bottom of my knitting bag it took me some time and a certain amount of research to rediscover the pattern. So old was this project that I was knitting them on double pointed needles from the top down. I have been so much converted to making socks from the toe up using circular needles that it felt quite strange to return to this technique.
 The yarn used is Yarn Yard Falkland which suits the pattern well - enough variegation to add interest but not swallow the pattern. I really like the way this pattern is written with the lacework coming to an elegant conclusion on the instep allowing the yarn to speak for itself across the foot. I also think socks are more comfortable if the part that goes inside your shoes is smooth rather than lumpy with pattern.

I enjoyed finishing these socks more than I thought I would. I wish I could remember why I stopped knitting them after finishing the ribbing on the second sock. Probably something as simple as needing a simpler pattern for public transport knitting and getting sidetracked onto a new and shiny project at home. I could resolve to finish all my unfinished projects and not to cast on anything new before they are done but I know myself too well for that sort of hostage to fortune. I know that a lot of my knitting this year will be work related so I resolve to be completely undisciplined and capricious with my recreational knitting.

Now there's a resolution I should be able to keep!

My second offering today is something completely natural that still completely made my day. It's the first day for ages that the sun has shone enough for me to want to go and potter in the garden and look what I found - snowdrops!

There will be gardeners all over the country discovering these green shoots and feeling that now the longest night is behind us we can look forward to brighter days to come. This year these little plants have an especial poignancy for me, they come from my childhood home on the Isle of Wight which, all being well will belong to someone else by the time the snowdrops are in full bloom. It gives me great comfort to know that some of them are still with me.

And should I make the mistake of becoming too much lost in thought there are certain members of the household who would like to point out that it is long past lunch time.

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Kathy said...

I have become so sick and tired of having way too many wip's that I resolved a while back to finish 2 projects before allowing myself to cast on anything. I find it very stressful to have lots of projects languishing. My New Years goal is to just knit more. I haven't the past year or two and I just miss my knitting!