Saturday, 3 November 2012

Grandmother's Footsteps

Today's post is about another inheritance from my family home - my maternal grandmother's sewing machine,  left to me by my mother and now, finally under my roof. It has been part of my life ever since I can remember. As a child I used to turn the lid upside down, squeeze into it and pretend it was a boat.

I used to love watching my mother sew, whether it was summer dresses for my sister and I or 'sides to middling' old sheets to give them a few more months of wear. The gentle rhythm of its simple mechanism is a sound that takes me right back to childhood.

So here it is, so much of a domestic fixture I have taken it for granted but really didn't know very much about it. After a little bit of internet searching and asking some very knowledgeable friends I now know that it is a Singer 28k with Ottoman rose decals...

 and a trailing vines faceplate.

Despite being pretty heavy this is, apparently a three quarter sized portable machine. I'm not sure I could get very far with it. The serial number tells me that the machine left Singer's Clydebank factory production line in September 1902. As my grandmother was born in 1897 it may even have belonged to her mother.

It's wonderful to have this simple machine, still in perfect working order despite being a little worn in places and to think of all the women who sat at it before me.

Now I just need to learn to sew.


roseredshoes said...

That is a fabulous heirloom. Beautiful and practical.

Fiona Campbell said...

That sewing machine is gorgeous! And what a family history too. :) You definitely need to learn how to sew! My own modern machine is much less inspiring (or, at least, that shall be my excuse...). ;)