Friday, 2 November 2012

Big in Latvia

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I share my home with two black cats called Riga and Talsi, adopted from the Mayhew Animal Home a couple of years ago. Not wishing to appear like a stereotypical cat loving knitter they tend to only make the odd cameo appearance here. The other day, however they made a rather larger than usual impact on the Internet.
At this time of year, charities such as the Mayhew Animal Home and the Cat's Protection League mount campaigns to highlight the plight of black cats who, it appears are not as easy to re home as other colours of cats and on average spend longer in animal shelters. The Mayhew mentioned this campaign on Twitter so I thought I would send them a supportive message about having adopted Riga and Talsi from them and what good company they are.

As you can see, Talsi is quite a handsome chap.

A few hours later I was surprised to get a message from a tourist service in Riga, Latvia asking me why my cats are named as they are. Many knitters will know that there is a fine knitting tradition in Latvia, particularly for brightly coloured mittens. I replied that as a knitter with an interest in traditional knitting they seemed like suitable names. This clearly impressed my correspondent who posted this message on Facebook. A few minutes later I was contacted by the Latvian Institute who have written this. Earlier this week I was interviewed by a reporter from a newspaper in Talsi. I find it quite staggering and a little chastening that a pretty ordinary post on Twitter can lead to all kinds of interesting consequences.

Talsi is busy ensuring he is presentable.

Normal knitting transmission will soon be resumed.


Rosie said...

What fabulous cats and what an amazing world we live in :)

Bonny said...

This is an amazing story! I love your caats, too!

Rob is allergic to them, so we don't have any so I have to admire cats from a distance.

How are you?

Sally said...


Katie said...

Loving the paw placed for modesty!

Rani said...

That is so cool! Gotta love the world wide web