Thursday, 27 September 2012

Out of my way Luvvies!

One of the entertaining things about living in London is that every so often the word goes out around the knitting community that volunteer knitters are required for some sort of event. I am by nature curious and these opportunities often lead to finding out about organisations from the inside out, to be a participant rather than an observer. When Stitch London asked for knitters for an event at Tate Britain last weekend it seemed like just that sort of activity.
Apparently, a group of young people have been curating a participatory event where they choose an artwork and organise activities around the theme of a  piece in the current exhibition of Pre Raphaelite artists. In this case the chosen work was 'The Lady of Shallot by John William Waterhouse. Taking a stanza from the  poem of the same name by Alfred Lord Tennyson:
'She knows not what the curse may be
And so she weaveth steadily'
I found myself teaching anyone who came by how to use a tool I remember from my childhood, a Knitting Jenny or Nancy as it was known in our house to make cords.


These cords were used to make this spider's web.

 One of the things that I do recall from childhood was that after producing a metre or so of this cord, being the utilitarian that I am I would start asking myself what on earth I was going to do with the stuff. Coming up with a blank, this was the point at which I put it aside and went off to do something else. If only someone had shown me that you could make things like this horse's head, perhaps I might have carried on. You may not be able to see because of my rather blurry IPhone photography but this piece is made entirely of cord made on the Knitting Jenny and painted.

All in all whilst rather tangentially connected with knitting I had a really good time chatting with people and taking part in this event. Thanks to Stitch London for coming upwith the idea We were told that of all the activities happening as part of this project ours was the most popular.

Best of all, I was especially entertained when I got home and read what it said on my identity badge. I'm not just a knitter - I'm a performer!

Out of my way luvvies!


Susan said...

The pre raphaelite exhibition is on my to do list, though not just yet, want to take hubby.

Sally said...

You go, Jane! Btw, love your treasure tin from previous post and know from experience what a comfort such treasures can be. Also what a comfort sisters can be in sorting it all out. Mine happens to be named...Jane! ;) All best.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

What a cool teaching tool! And I love the spider's web thing.

Happy to find your blog, and meet you through Twitter. :)