Monday, 20 June 2011

Getting Cosy

One of the things I have noticed about knit blogging and spending any time on forums such as Ravelry is that knitters are very keen on organising gift swaps. To be perfectly honest ( with apologies for sounding like such a misery...) they have never really appealed to me. With a busy full time job and a list of things I want to knit for myself and my loved ones that runs to several pages I have tended to prefer to spend my time on these projects rather than working on something then posting it off into the ether hoping that the recipient whose tastes I have only had a few clues about is going to like it.

But you know what they say, never say never, and when someone in a group of knitters I know both in person and online suggested a tea cosy swap I allowed my arm to be twisted. I was assigned the task of knitting a cosy for my friend Heather, a rather classy lady who knows what she likes but also has a twinkle in her eye.

I thought I would go for reasonably conventional but with a twist so I chose probably the least flamboyant pattern from Loani Prior's book of tea cosy patterns (before this challenge I didn't even know such a book existed....)

The pattern is deceptively simple with the added advantage for me that it involves a posy of crocheted roses allowing me to practice some of the skills I learned on the East London Crochet Group weekend last year. I completed all the component parts without incident. Then came my nemesis, sewing the thing together. My first attempt was a bit of a disaster. The base for the flowers insisted on protruding upwards spilling the flowers out of the top in a higgledy piggledy fashion - not the elegant posy in the photograph. I had to call an emergency meeting with my friend Katie and my sister over coffee where we decided that the flowers needed to be lashed down much tighter and the baggy top would just have to look after itself. As you can see the end product doesn't look too shabby after all.

I think Heather was pleased.

With my cosy in the hands of its intended recipient I could relax and wait for my surprise - and here it is! Although I don't think Deb and I have met, she has clearly taken the trouble to look at my projects and get an idea of my taste as it suits me perfectly!

How could I fail to like a big sunny sunflower in my favourite colour?

The accompanying cheesy biscuits didn't last long. I knew there was a reason I thought gift swaps were a bad idea....

While we are on the subject of tea cosies, Laura from Marie Curie Cancer Care contacted me to tell me about their giant tea cosy competition. You can read all about it here.

I might just join in myself!


elephantJuice said...

That sounds like such a fun swap! Both cosies are so cute. I'd love to join in on a swap one day, they look like so much fun :)

minniemoll said...

I'm not a swapper either - I'm just not that organised, and I'm quite picky, so the chances are I wouldn't like what I was sent. Bah humbug and all that...

Pretty tea cosies though!

Rose Red said...

I have done a few swaps and received some lovelyl goodies, but have decided I'd rather spend my time knitting stuff for me! (although I suspect I could be persuaded out of swap retirement for a tea cosy swap!). Both of these are fabulous!

drkknits said...

im with you on the swap thing, for the exact same reason. i cant even get my own projects finished! but im glad o see you had a good experience!