Friday, 7 May 2010

The Australia Diaries Part 3 - Walking on the Moon

One of the things that I love about Australia is the opportunity to be out in some of the most beautiful landscape which, in the crowded islands that I live in would be overrun with walkers and bikers. Here, it is possible to feel that it is just you, the trees and the birds.

It is six years since I was in this part of the country and one of the places that lingered in my memory is Moon Bay, in the Mimosa National Park. The walk down to the beach is a steep but cool path down through woodland.

I do love that even the shrubs are unusual and interesting - like these mock oranges.

The trees in this area are Spotted Gums. Their bark puts me in mind of London Planes who survive the pollution of the city by shedding their bark in small pieces. I love the texture and pattern in this bark.

As you can see, Moon Bay is the most perfect crescent of sand with gently breaking waves and blue, blue sea - almost deserted apart from Leon and I. We were fortunate to be able to watch sea eagles returning to their nest in the cliffs and just to sit and listen to the waves breaking on the shore without any evidence of the presence of other human beings. Sometimes when I am weaving my way through the crowds at Bank underground station I find myself mentally walking along Moon Bay - I wonder where every other commuter has gone in their mind...

On this, our last day in the area we decided to go to Merimbula to take a dolphin watching trip. Can you see any dolphins?

No, nor could I.
Despite this disappointment, being out on this sapphire blue sea was wonderful and we had the opportunity to watch gannets diving for fish and to see the coastline from a completely different perspective.

Next morning we had to get up at stupid o'clock and go our separate ways - me on a coach going north and Leon heading back south.
Breakfast at Bateman Bay was an unexpected pleasure.

In knitting matters my Wandering the Moors shawl was growing well and I had reached the lace edging.

However, next time I will tell you how I needed to temporarily abandon this project and indulge in a little speed knitting and what else I did on a visit to a fellow knitter in Sydney.


drkknits said...

stunning pictures of the beautiful nsw south coast. would be too easy to just get in the car right now and never come back!

Fegrig said...

When I'm in the big smokeopolis commuting my thoughts on place turn to home ( with those waiting there), the woods for some tranquility and if far off climes come into play The Golden Temple in Armritsar is a favourite.