Monday, 3 May 2010

The Australia Diaries Part 2 - In which I disturb the wildlife

One of the things that makes Australia so fascinating is the wildlife. Being isolated from the rest of the world for so many tens of thousands of years, there are species of animals here that really have few parallels anywhere else in the world. One of the most iconic of these has to be the kangaroo.

During the first week of my stay Leon and I spent a few days at Tathra, a beautiful seaside town on the New South Wales Coast. Early on the first morning of our stay, Leon asked 'Want to see some kangaroos?' Of course! I grabbed my camera and we set off.

I was a little baffled when I found myself on the fairway of the local golf course. Most of my friends will at this point be sniggering as they know my loathing for golf but apparently, golf courses are a prime location for spotting kangaroos - all that short, tasty grass apparently.

I wasn't to be disappointed - basking luxuriously in the sun was this female and her joey.

Now I have a new camera with a short zoom lens which as you can see does not really get you up close and personal with skittish wildlife so I thought I would just keep moving forward quietly and see how close I could get. Here are the results of my efforts.

I think I've been spotted.

What's going on?

The joey decided I was a bit too close at this point and hopped off into the undergrowth.
What do you want?

Oh do go away!

I think I need to invest in a longer lens as I would much prefer not to disturb animals in order to get a decent photograph.
In knitting news, the shawl that I decided to make is Wandering the Moor by Celeste Glassel whose design was inspired by Diana Rivers' shawl in the latest BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre. It is mainly stocking stitch with a lace border so I thought it would show this yarn to its best advantage. The rows get longer as the shawl progresses so the breadth of the colour repeats should start to get thinner and blend into the background by the tame I reach the lace edge.

That's the theory anyway...


drkknits said...

oh kangaroos are like domestic pets really! (kidding) but they are pretty relaxed about humans most of the time. its not like we can catch them, and i think they know this! you did well to get that close. and that pattern is gorgeous and perfect for that yarn. great choice!

Rose Red said...

Wow, you did get very close! Really nice shots of the Kangaroo!

Linda said...

Lovely pictures of the kangaroo. Wea re lucky when we go to Australia as our relies live in the bush so we see all sorts of wildlife from their home.

Jenny said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Australia. Thanks.

Caffeine Girl said...

Thanks for sharing the kangaroo pictures. They are quite exotic to us Americans!