Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Australia Diaries Part 1 - Back to the Prom

Well here I am, back from Australia. I had hoped to be able to blog as I went but a combination of a very busy and nomadic visit coupled with slow Internet connections meant that I had very little time on line at all so the whole of April has passed without a single entry.

Now that I am returned and pretty well recovered from the jet lag I have been looking through my photographs and am now able to offer a retrospective diary over the next few days, capturing some of the highlights and impressions before they fade from memory.

One of the early trips that we took was a return visit to Wilson's Promontory a beautiful wilderness which was the first National Park established in Australia.

Just look at the blue of that sea.

Alongside the dreadful loss of human life in the bush fires of 2008/9 I was very sad when I heard that over 50% of this beautiful place had been destroyed. As you can see, evidence of the heat of the blazes is still very evident.

However, it would be a mistake to feel too much concern for the natural environment as fire is very much part of the cycle of life in the Australian bush with some plants requiring the passing of fire to germinate and others being able to regenerate easily once the fire had passed.

You can see here how the understory has become green and lush under these blackened shrubs.

Exotic looking grass trees thrive in this environment.

And the epicormic shoots breaking out from the trunk of this eucalypt showing that despite its blackened branches the tree still thrives and will regenerate itself.

There were one or two other pleasant surprises awaiting us. The unseasonably warm weather had confused some of the wild flowers and encouraged this epacris to burst into blossom.

And this banksia flower provided a welcome and unexpected meal for a passing ant.

I wanted my knitting projects for the trip to reflect some of the colours that I associate with the landscape of this part of Australia so chose some heavy lace weight that I have been spinning from this fibre by The Thylacine.

The plied yarn turned out like this.

Next time I'll introduce you to a kangaroo and tell you what I've been knitting.


Mildawg said...

That spinning is fantastic. Reminds me of old metalwork.

Nicola said...

Hope you had a wonderful time, nice to see you back.

Rose Red said...

Great photos! The bushfires are just devastating, but the regeneration which occurs so soon afterwards is inspiring.

And the yarn is just a perfect match for the colours of the Australian bush.

LynS said...

I'm pleased you're home safely, but still reflecting on your Australian trip. I agree with Rosered - the colours of your handspun are a perfect reflection of the Australian bush. I'm l.ooking forward to more of your posts

LittleBerry said...

Nice to have you back in the blogging world...

YOur trip looks amazing

Rani said...

That yarn is perfectly matched to the colors in your photos. Just beautiful. I was in Australia about 18 years ago. It was all it's hyped up to be - wild, exotic, beautiful, rugged, metropolitan, moody - one of my favorite all time trips!

Can't wait to see more pics.

Knitting Out Loud said...

That yarn is gorgeous!
Have you read Bill Bryson's book on Australia? Quite interesting.

drkknits said...

oh fantastic pictures, so evocative. i am glad you are home safe and very much looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.

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