Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Travellers Impressions: Souvenirs

You will know by now that I really don't like laying out great displays of booty from my travels. I am consciously trying to be more selective in the purchases that I make, walking that delicate balance between supporting fibre artists who are doing a wonderful job in the creation of materials for us to work with and the fact that I truly and honestly do not need any more wool and fibre.

Life is, as ever a compromise. As I may have said before, when you create things with you r own hands you really come to appreciate the craftsmanship of others. For some time I have erred towards small and delicate drop spindles so I thought it was time for some slightly heavier tools to expand my spinning options some more.

I am consistently drawn to Golding spindles for their workmanship, attention to detail, balance and beauty. I love the ebony, top left for its simplicity and balance. The mother of pearl I have to admit is a sheer indulgence - I just wanted something pretty....

Finally, a Lily spindle by Gilbert Gonsalves, maker of Robin Spinning Wheels which I haven't tried before. I will let you know how it handles.
As I tend not to give large inventories of purchased yarn I don't think this one will be familiar to you. I needed a project on larger needles to knit on the plane as I judged that British Airways could hardly object to a Denise Interchangeable. This yarn seemed appropriate - it is Brooks Farm Acero a sock weight yarn with a fibre composition of 60% wool, 20% silk and 20% viscose. I bought it at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last year so it was about time I got round to using it!

I decided to make the Lace Ribbon scarf from Knitty. Six feet later it may be becoming a little tedious but the colour and pattern work beautifully together and I'm really looking forward to the finished article. The silk and viscose give the whole thing a lovely sheen and drape. I'm using two 100g skeins of this yarn as it's a scarf that deserves to be long. It filled my two plane journeys beautifully without comment from crew or fellow passengers incidentally. I had to suppress a smile when I found my tiny Swiss Army Knife accidentally tucked down the back of my flight bag - two weeks after my trip...

Finally, I did make substantial progress on the Malabrigo mansocks. The colours just chimed in so perfectly with the autumn leaves as I travelled about it really was the only project to knit on.

It's now two weeks since I got back home with a head full of impressions and a bag full of dirty laundry. The laundry is now clean and I have to address myself to the enormous shifting pile of half knitted projects that are starting to weigh on my mind. I have loads of ideas and inspirations - just need to do some simple, head clearing finishing off knitting before I can get to it.
I'll let you know how long I hold out before casting on again!


LynS said...

This lace ribbon scarf has been in my Ravelry queue for some time. Yours looks so lovely that I think I'll move the scarf up my queue. The yarn and colour are great choices.

nittineedles said...

Love the moose sock stretcher.

mildawg said...

I think your scarf is definitely worth the tediousness - the colors definitely do play wonderfully together.

Linda said...

The spindles are beautiful. I like the lace scarf too, you are right about doing it long.