Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Sheep of Talybont

Yes, today's post is another outside broadcast - this time all the way from Wales at the Talybont Village Show which my sister and I try and visit every year and am pleased to report that this year was not disrupted by rain, foot and mouth, blue tongue, nor any other unfortunate incident.

This meant that there were plenty of beautiful sheep to photograph. Much to my shame I am not entirely sure of the breed of some of these lovely animals so if anyone would like to oblige by posting a name in the comments box I will be very grateful.

Let's start with this magnificent specimen.

And this beautifully matched pair.

I love the soft muzzle and general sheepiness of this creature.

Compared to the distinguished Roman nose on this chap.
Now I can identify this lovely Jacob. Just look at his gorgeous fleece.

And this inscrutable beast.
I believe this heroic profile belongs to a Welsh Black.
But I've never seen this dainty creature before.
It was lovely to see the spinners out in force.
And that the show held a prizewinning class for hand knitting.
This is my only minor gripe about the show. With all the beautiful sheep and spinners about, it is a shame that the evidently talented knitters in the village did not have access to better materials and still chose to use acrylic yarns for their work.

Here is the beautifully knitted prize winning entry.

And an exquisite piece of incredibly fine lace in the table decoration class.

I think it is wonderful that the people of Talybont put on such an excellent show every year. In addition to the sheep and knitting there was obviously much more in the form of livestock, produce and handcrafts.
If there is such a show near you do go along and maybe even enter a class - there really is a great deal of inspiration to be had.
Just in case you think I have abandoned my needles for the camera look out for the next post when at least three items will be off the needles!


Rani said...

Beautiful knits - worthy of the prize. But acrylic?! shudder.

Great sheepish photos!

theyarnyard said...

The third one down looks a bit like a Texel ram which was sold in Scotland for £200,000 last week.

Knitting Out Loud said...

Love the sheep photos, very beautiful!

Panhandle Jane said...

What an interesting post!

knit nurse said...

Just out of interest, which Talybont is this? I guess not the one I know, which is near Barmouth?

LittleBerry said...

excellent outside broadcast :O)

Pom Pom said...

This is my first visit. The sheep are beautiful! Can't wait to see the three finished knits!

Linda said...

I love that lace work.

Bells said...

so many handsome sheep! What a fabulous array. Good work!

Rachel A said...

What beautiful you think they know we are eyeing up their fleeces!

Anne said...

Anyone know where to get the pattern for the amazing swirly placemat? I'd love to give it a try! Thanks!