Thursday, 19 March 2009


Do you remember Pete, my knitting student?

Take a look at this

I have to say that I welled up when I watched the video but it reminded me why I'm proud to be associated with the P/hop project.

Must dash - leaving for Yorkshire in half an hour and I still haven't finished packing - will be back next week to tell you about my adventures.


tea and cake said...

Brilliant vid! Have a great time in Yorkshire!

Jen said...

Great Video - I was in Lesotho from 1987-1988 and the scenery reminds me of that time. I wonder where this was taken. I wonder if you still get all the herdboys with the sheep and Goats up in the Mountains and if the Lesotho Handknits company is still in existance

TutleyMutley said...

Isn't that a fab video? And I've just made my p/hop donation for the swap at Skipnorth so it was a timely reminder of what it's all about. Didn't get to chat to you much this year, Jane, but wasn't it fab? look forward to reading your report, but now I've got to destash the car.

Jane said...

Great video. I went to Lesotho when I was 18 and now I sponsor a girl there through World Vision. Lesotho gets into your soul!