Friday, 27 February 2009

Knitters at Large

Where did the week go? I haven't even told you about last weekend and here we are starting another.

First of all, thank you so much for all the positive posts about my new found love of the curve! I wore my Honeycomb Vest several times this week and it was admired by knitters and non knitters alike! Who knew? I have been knitting up a storm this week but that's for another post.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, last Saturday. Definitely the sunniest and mildest and springiest day for ages and just perfect for the first gathering of the fibre flock this year, the Unravel Festival in Farnham, Surrey. It's only an hour from London but it feels so much further, a pretty country town where the festival was held in a very attractive venue - the Farnham Maltings.

It isn't a large festival but there was plenty going on and despite Ellen, June and I being there very early it seemed to be heaving with determined knitters very quickly. Look at this action shot of the IKnit stall - knitters were moving fast!

What I enjoyed most was sitting, knitting and watching the crowds go by. Viral knits a plenty, February Ladies everywhere as well as the odd Clapotis in progress. There was one couple that I stared at for some time, trying to think how I knew them until I realised that they were none other than Marianne and Barry from My Photographic Life and it really was the first time I'd met them in real life. It was wonderful to meet them in person and Marianne's hand spun cardigan is even more beautiful than in the photographs.

There were more familiar faces, Alix, Gerard and Craig from IKnit of course but apart from that loads of knitters and spinners that I didn't know - how can that be after Ravelry? Interestingly enough, several people stopped me and asked about the pros and cons of working on circular needles which I had assumed were completely familiar to knitters these days. I think it's wonderful that this festival and others like it is bringing more and more people together to share skills and ideas.

Around lunch time we decided to take ourselves off and explore Farnham a little more. It really seemed as if it had been waiting for a fibre festival.

Look at this sign over a shoe shop.

And this pub opposite the Maltings.

And most curious of all this mural on the wall of the Police Station. I really hope it isn't a reconstruction of a Scene of Crime...

Finally, I know what you're thinking - did I buy anything? To be honest I am off to Yorkshire for the annual Skipnorth extravaganza in a couple of weeks so I am saving up for that but a couple of little souvenirs followed me home.
This from Skein Queen which is merino bamboo and silk in a colour called Mossy Oak. The colours just jumped out at me and I had to have it before someone else did...

And this luxurious little treasure - two small skeins of naturally dyed cashmere coloured with Mignonette. Enough for an especially decadent pair of Cranfords perhaps?

There's loads more to tell you but it will have to wait - men learning to knit, charity patterns, miles and miles of K2P2 rib - the fun never stops!
Back soon....


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it sounds like so much fun!

HeyYeah said...

I like your crime scene - the third sheep along looks guilty to me!
I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

TutleyMutley said...

Looks like an excellent event - and I think you were very restrained! I'll be checking out the haul at SkipNorth ;)

picperfic said...

Hi lovely you have finished your green knitting already? I am in Devon with my daughter and enjoying the kisses and cuddles from my 3 grandchildren. Thanks for the link to my blog, it was lovely meeting you x