Monday, 12 January 2009

New year, old friend

Sometimes my blog reminds me of one of those really bad daytime soap operas. Every now and then I look at old posts and my work in progress list which were so confident and positive about a new project after which it is never heard of again, like Amy Turtle trotting off into Kings Oak for a stamp and disappearing unlamented from the Crossroads Motel ever after.

Such will not be Mrs Trellis's fate. This may look like a crumpled pile of beige knitting to you but I am very proud to tell you that this represents hours and hours of knitting and I have finally finished the 30 repeats of a 16 row 94 stitch pattern with my sanity relatively intact. I hereby declare the central panel complete.

Now I have to tackle the gazillion repeats of a 20 stitch 18 row repeat knitted on border. I have done the first one. Pass the smelling salts, I'll not let her beat me!

In other news, fellow passengers on London Transport where I do the majority of my knitting are remarkably tolerant given the small spaces we all squeeze ourselves into on a daily basis but even they would baulk at me flapping six feet of shawl about so I continue my sock knitting unmolested. Here are my latest finished articles, mansocks again in Austermann Pro Natura which is a wool bamboo blend. The bamboo adds a sort of hazy quality to the colours which I like and it was only when I was putting them on the blockers to photograph that I noticed that they match almost perfectly. Pure happenstance I promise you but I rather like them.

I've also been feeling intense separation anxiety from my wheel so when This lovely fibre arrived on the Isle of Wight as a Christmas present from Santa I exercised great self control and didn't leap at it with my spindle. It is a superwash merino and nylon blend specifically for socks and dyed in colours of my specification which made me think of Christmas.

On closer inspection they really remind me of winter pansies which always cheer me up in these darker months.

I divided the yarn in half then split one half into thirds and spun them one after the other then the other in sixths and did the same. I'm hoping for an interesting stripe sequence but we shall see.

Here is the skein pre setting. I'm not particularly pleased with the evenness of the spinning or the plying although I've managed about 360 yards which is good. That will teach me to abandon my wheel for so long! It's setting at the moment so I will see if it has relaxed any - it is gorgeous and soft though.

Finally, I have been stash diving to celebrate the new year and am planning projects for these lovely skeins. From left to right I have JKnits sock yarn in Reno, Oxford Kitchen BFL Sock Yarn on Marmalade, Rowanspun Aran in Tusk and something Jammy from the Yarn Yard Sock Club.

If I'm going to get to grips with Mrs Trellis I need some colourful distractions!


Sarah said...

Good luck with the old friend as it'll surely be a good friend when it is done!

RooKnits said...

Good luck with the edging... you have more patience than I do. Nice socks too :o)

LittleBerry said...

looking forward to seeing Trellis done.... I must admit i have to bribe myself carrot & stick style when doing lace edgings!

socks look great but I love the spinning and you're right they'r every much winter pansies :o)

Lin said...

Best wishes for the shawl, it sounds scarey to me!

Cornflower said...

There's an award waiting for you over at Cornflower, Jane!

Mandella said...

Lace edgings are tortuous. Just when you think you're done there are hours and hours of knitting left. I've got one at the end of the BAP.

BTW, if you find my spinning mojo, send it home, even if my spinning wheel is in a bag somewhere in the spare room.