Sunday, 19 October 2008


As a very young child I have a vague recollection of strange little television programmes called 'Interludes'. The only one I remember clearly was 'The Potter's Wheel' which was,as you may imagine, a film of someone working at the potter's wheel. These brief films served a very practical purpose, filling gaps in programming in the days before videos but also had a very restful, mesmeric property. Apparently there used to be a 'Spinner's Wheel' interlude but I have no recollection of it.

So, in a break between programmes I am offering my own spinning interlude. Recently, I treated myself to something that has turned out to be rather wonderful - a Spinners's Set from Spindlefrog. This consists of six two ounce plaits of fibres which are a little 'off the beaten track', not the usual merinos and blue faced Leicesters. These are a fabulous idea for a new spinner such as me as they are both a spinning challenge and hand painted in a rather gorgeous colourway called Autumn.

This is my first interlude, two ounces of over dyed mid grey Jacob.

This is also a great opportunity to get out one of my favourite books.

Everything you want to know about sheep and their wool - including my friend the Jacob.

I have chosen to use a drop spindle for these mini projects as I find I have more control when discovering the properties of a new fibre. Jacob is a coarser fibre than those I usually use and spins up into a sturdy, woolly single. The spindle that I am using is a 54 gram Bosworth Maxi in Morado wood which feels equally seasonal as it reminds me of freshly fallen conkers.

I am planning to Navajo ply this single in order to keep the colours as clear and bright as possible. The yarn I am hoping for will be a heavy sport weight or light double knit.

The notion that I have in my head is that I use each of these two ounce / 50gram fibre tasters to make a pair of fingerless mitts of some description, depending on how the fibre behaves. Some may be heavier and shorter, some lacier and longer - we shall see.

Finally, I haven't entirely abandoned my current projects. Here is the pink spinning, 100grams, plied but not set yet. It has turned out to be a light fingering weight which is just what I wanted.

Have you?


kaet said...

Have I what? Abandoned my current projects? Ummm... I haven't done much either with them or new ones, but they'll be returning next week, I hope!

Anyway, just wanted to say I share your enthusiasm for the book!

ambermoggie said...

fabulous colours Jane and the spindle compliments them perfectly:)

LittleBerry said...

spinning looks fantastic....

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I remember the potter's wheel too...good grief, and the little dot on the screen when programming finished..those were the days.
The book looks fascinating but probably not available in my local library!

Janey said...

I remember the potter thingy too!
Have I what?
I have bought Cranford Mitts pattern and I am ging to knit them as a chrissie pressie!!