Thursday, 28 August 2008

Love is two pairs of smelly socks

I'm back from Wales and had to show you two very happy sets of feet.

First came Florrie's socks. As you can see they fit her perfectly and are quite soft enough for a princess - as well as looking good with jeans! As you know I made these before I travelled from Yarn Yard Lochan.

Brothers and sisters can be very competitive so I needed to make some for George too. When a young man is 9 he gets very particular about what he wears so I was concerned about getting it right.I used some Yarn Yard Beautiful in a lime green and dark blue stripy mix that apparently hit the spot and are just right with the ubiquitous navy track suit bottoms that comprise the majority of his wardrobe. I started on the train and had reached the foot ready for a first try on when I got there and finished the other one over the next couple of days.

They both declared themselves very happy with their new socks and much to my delight and my sister's horror refused all offers of clean ones for the duration of my stay. I really need to make them a few more pairs I reckon!

I've just been reflecting on the challenges that I have set myself for this autumn and whilst I am very keen to build my skills and try new things, the sort of reactions from my loved ones for simple warm, functional items remind me that there will alway have to be space in my knitting time for plain knitting for the family as it warms the heart as well as the feet.

I have always considered my sister to be very talented with a sewing rather than a knitting needle so imagine my surprise when she produced these examples of her knitting!

Finger puppets!
Handfuls of them!

I think they're a great way to teach children to knit so Florrie and I sat down and made another which she and my sis will decorate. It won't be long before she is knitting by herself as she has almost got it!

We also did some more spinning together, consolidating what she learned last time and adding a few more bits of the process. George was upstairs playing with the birthday additions to his train set so it was good to have a bit of girl time! Florrie is a very good and patient learner.

We all had a great time and were very sad to say goodbye. I must dig out some more yarn for children's' socks. it's a wonderful way to still feel connected even though we are apart.


K. said...

Those filled socks look fabulous. Your talk of colors for George make me feel like I need some socks in navy blue and lime green. I love bright color combinations. But now I don't know if I have the right colors of dye and the yarn to dye!

Lin said...

I love the puppets!

Sarah said...

so nice when your hand knits are so well appreciated :o)

Those puppets are fab and give me a wonderful idea for a christmas pressie

RooKnits said...

Isn't it great when things are so well received? The puppets are fabulous too - something to remember when I teach my friends daughter to knit.

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the socks look great, and I love the finger puppets!

Karen said...

What a lovely post!

kathryn said...

I love the colour of George's socks - the boys can be quite hard to pleas!

LittleBerry said...

those socks look great I especially like the lime green and blue!

The puppets look great ;o)