Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Knitter launches second career as weather forecaster

When I designed these socks for Natalie at the Yarn Yard I mentioned that the idea came from the unpredictability of the British summer. These socks needed to be in fun, summery colours for slipping on the feet when the weather was less than tropical.

Oh how right I was.I don't know about your part of the country but where I live we have hardly had more than a couple of sunny hours together before a cloud comes over, the wind gets up and it starts to rain. Steamy and sweaty one minute, brrrr the next!

Natalie has now recovered from her post Woolfest exhaustion, has had a lovely little break and is now back at her dyepot. To complement her array of yarns she is offering this pattern free to anyone who would like to ask her for it. Just slide on over to her site and drop her a note.We'll also be linking it up on Ravelry.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Natalie firstly for dying all the beautiful yarns that I have used but also for being such a good and encouraging friend and for putting up with my occasional insecure moments as I launch my designs on an unsuspecting world!

I'll be particularly interested in seeing pictures of any socks that people make from this little 'recipe book' as there are so may opportunities for making the pattern your own. It would be good to see if anyone comes up with cuff patterns of their own that they would like to share with us. Go on, have a dabble with designing yourself!

You will also be relieved to know, I am sure that I am still working through my examples, making them mates. Here is the blue bargello complete with other half. Two more orphans to go then I'll have finished. That's if I don't have another idea for a colour combination and start all over again - I find them quite addictive.

I really like this pair. I understand that it is one of Natalie's most popular sock club pairings and I can see why. Enough contrast to make the design stand out but perfectly matched to sit beautifully together.

I do hope you enjoy a little summer pick 'n ' mix yourself.


RooKnits said...

The blues are my favourite too. I think I'm going see if I can stretch my leftovers of that colourway to make haystacks. I've been saving them up for a year now! Thanks for the patterns, they are fab.

daisie said...

Thank you Jane, for being so inventive and so generous with your creativity!

natalie said...

I just put a close up of another sock from the pattern on my blog.

Go to to see them.

And thnk you, I think we make a good team.

fran said...

Your socks are wicked Jane, thankyou so much for showing how much more beautiful Natalie's yarns can look when paired with the right partner!
I'm going to get the stitch dictionary out and have a go myself... one of these days ;o)

Mrs J said...

That blue colour combo has SO sold me on this design!

knittingtastic said...

Thank you for the pick 'n' mix pattern Jane! It was a lovely surprise to receive it from Natalie yesterday.

Looking forward to the Jane and Natalie book...

Auntie Noo said...

The pattern is lovely Jane - and they all look so lovely and colourful. You are clever!!! :)

Queen of the froggers said...

Your patterns are lovely, I was so pleased seeing them in my email. x

picperfic said...

I got my pattern and I love it! You are so inspirational!