Monday, 7 July 2008

Bread and butter... and possibly cake

With all the distractions and excitements of the last couple of weeks it's very peaceful to slink quietly into my comfort zone and knit away on a pair of socks. While I was at Woolfest I really was too busy running around, chatting and shopping to do much knitting and since I've been back I've been distracted by my new wheel, and fleece and lace knitting...

However, thanks to my friends at London Transport there has been some sock knitting! The green and pink little arrows socks are finished. I used one of last year's Yarn Yard club yarn sets for this to show how different the stitch looks by using yarns with very little contrast compared with the in your face pink and orange versions! They also got a different toe treatment.

The Blue Bargello Socks are also made from a last year's Yarn Yard Sock Club set and again show how different the design looks in a low contrast set of yarns. I also gave them different heels and toes.

The Summer Pick 'n' Mix is now with Natalie so everyone who signed up for it at Woolfest should be getting it e-mailed to them as a .pdf file very soon.I do hope that you enjoy knitting them.

You won't be surprised either that I wasn't able to come away from the Yarn Yard stall without a little bit of sock yarn. The top skein is a merino tencel in a lovely almost semi solid of dark and lighter brownish pinks. Next we have three mini skeins which I can use for future colour work projects. I'm a bit short of Yarn Yard neutrals because I think Natalie's real passion is for vibrant colour - like the skein at the bottom. The photo doesn't really do it justice as it's a sort of orange over yellow to give a sort of shimmery, shot silk effect. I definitely think we should have more yarn done this way (hint, hint, Natalie!) I'm sure it will be particularly good for showing off texture in a lace or twisted stitch pattern.
I wasn't entirely monogamous in my sock yarn buying, however. How could I resist these beautiful semi solid Blue Faced Leicester and nylon skeins at a bargain price of £24 for the three from Knitwitches?
I was also seduced by these books from Felicity J Warne who has an amazing collection textile and costume books.
The first is about spinning for sock knitting. Nothing like combining my two passions. The second is a fascinating history of socks and stockings which Laura and I fell on with great enthusiasm, reading chunks of it at each other and waving around ever more bizarre examples of extravagant ancient stockings. Made my socks look positively pedestrian.

Speaking of my socks, I'm very pleased to be able to tell you that I am going to be teaching sock knitting again in various places around London this summer and autumn.

You can book up for a Quick and Dirty Summertime Special introduction to sock knitting or a Midsummer Masterclass hosted by the charming Alice of Socktopus. Details are here. Alice promises us cake. Incidentally, she is also hosting spinning and toe up sock knitting classes by the multi talented Diane Mullholland too so book up quickly before places are all gone.

I will also be teaching at Iknit and Loop soon so keep an eye on their websites for more details. It would be lovely to see you.


Queen of the froggers said...

Very nice socks, I like the colour combination of the blue ones. I wish I could come to one of your teaching sessions, they sound interesting.

LittleBerry said...

the socks look great I still like the pink and green one best.... travelling is perfect for socks you always seem to knit more than when sat at home...

kathryn said...

I love those socks!! And you've got some lovely yarn there.

Are the people who couldn't get to Woolfest going to be able to get the Summer Pick 'n' Mix too??

Panhandle Jane said...

I really like the combinations of yarns that you used on both pairs of socks. They look very summery.