Friday, 20 June 2008

Clear the roads, I'm back at the wheel again!

I'm pleased to say that all the furious knitting for my latest design project is finished. Over the weekend I will be writing it up, sewing in ends and taking proper photographs so should be able to show you what I've been up to over the last few weeks very shortly. Suffice to say that it is a little bit of frivolity in keeping with the British summer!

It has occurred to me that recently, nearly all of my knitting and spinning has been with either fine yarns or tiny needles and sometimes both. Overall this is my preference as I enjoy finely detailed work.

Speaking of which, before I forget, have a look at this blog by unionpurl . She is taking a letter of the alphabet in turn and not only knitting a beautiful representation of it but including all kinds of links and fascinating information about the history of knitting and typography. The amount of research and attention to detail is quite extraordinary.

Where was I? Ah yes, I was saying that whilst my first love is for fine and detailed work, it is sometimes good to feel something substantial in my hands (ooer missus...). It was also time to get my wheel out again. More embarrassing revelations follow. My stash of yarn and fibre has overflowed from the spare room with a stack of plastic boxes standing in the corner of my bedroom.When I decided I was going to start a new spinning project I knew exactly what I wanted to spin as I had been eying it through the side of the plastic box as I got up in the morning - and can you blame me?

Look at this...

This is Yard Yard Merino Silk ( which is very hard to get hold of I might add). In colours Victoria Plum and Menthe. I have 100g of the plum and 200g of the Menthe. I decided I would like to do another entrelac scarf like this one.
As a novice spinner, the main problem that I had with this project was in consistently spinning a thicker than sock weight yarn so I thought this project would be good for me to see if my skills had improved at all. My speed had certainly improved. In no time I had produced this:

I love the way the colours blend into each other to give the yarn its heathery quality. I am hoping that the other yarn with its higher contrasts will act as a foil to this. I also have more of this yarn than the Plum so will be knitting two layers of the menthe to one of the plum. We shall see...

In preparation for the Tour De France Knitalong I have been doing one or two rows on my lace project every day. That may not seem much at the time but they do mount up and now I have this.
Five and a half repeats down, twenty four and a half to go. The best thing though is that now I get to swish it around on my needles a bit and it feels wonderful.I can see me picking up speed now the pattern is settled into my head a little more.

Finally, I couldn't leave you without a glimpse of the latest piece of my design project to fall off the needles. I like these because they feel fresh and summery.

Right down to the toe.

Not too hard to guess what I've been up to is it?


Queen of the froggers said...

Your lace looks great as do the socks. I am envious of your YY silk merino, such lovely colours! It looks fab spun up.

natalie said...

I have to say that I haven't seen the products of your labours either!

I was really hoping to bring Merino Silk to Woolfest but a hiccup in the delivery schedule means I won't be able to... it's en route to my supplier so it will all be saved for the website when I get back instead. There are ten kilos heading in my direction (eventually).


LittleBerry said...

Mmmm delicious post.... I love those 2 colours of merino silk together it's going to be a fantastic entrelac.... The socks look fruity too ;o)

I will go back and have a look at the blog link to the letters it looks very interesting

Mandella said...

Hmmmm. If you've been designing a little bit of frivolity in keeping with the British Summer I look forward to seeing your published pattern for an umbrella shortly. Goodness knows, it would be appropriate.

Anni said...

Gorgeous colours & textures.

picperfic said...

oh Jayne, the entrelac is going to look amazing, the yarn you have spun looks wonderful to me!