Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Call me good, call me bad (call me anything you want to baby)*

First the good...

I have been a hard working and diligent knitter this week, oh yes indeed.

More finished projects are flying off my needles. First up are the Apple Pie socks. I knitted them with cuffs starting with 68 stitches as opposed to my usual 60 and put in calf decreases at regular intervals so that I could make a longer sock and make the most of this lovely yarn. I have used a number of colourways of this yarn and due to the short dye lengths it rarely pools. I like the splodgy effect of these - sort of like a Gaudi mosaic.

There's even a second finished object tonight. Weeks, probably months ago I showed you the beginnings of the edgings of this shawl. A cunning camera angle and a bit of cropping hid the fact that I'd only knitted on about 20cm of the border with at least another three metres to go. This weekend I finally got sick of it gazing at me reproachfully from my work basket and buckled down.I found the secret was to only look at what I had done rather than what was left to do.

Here's a shot of the border detail.
Here's the bad...
Anyone who knows me and has been reading my blog recently will have had serious doubts as to whether I had 'fessed up all my shopping at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Of course I didn't! I just got bored and a little bit guilty about the blog looking like the shopping channel so I thought I would show you things as they come into use over the next few weeks and months.
Before I went I scoured message boards looking for recommendations of booths to make a particular bee line for and the name of Brooks Farm kept coming up. I can see why. This is three skeins of Acero, their fingering weight yarn composed of wool,silk and viscose.

I hoped that with this sort of fibre content it would drape well so that I could have a go at this, a modular shawl by Jojoland As you can see I have made a start - three out of eighty done! The only thing that is daunting me is that there are only 160 end to weave in!

* with apologies to Wham!


picperfic said...

love the shoulder shawl, what pattern is it? as for the swirl shawl, I think it looks beautiful but seems like a lot of work, all those ends! The blue is gorgeous!

kathryn said...

What a lovely colour the Acero is and I love it being modular. Yes, the ends will be a nuisance - just when you think you've finished - you've not.

sussexyorkie said...

Wham, now you're talking! That modular shawl pattern is very nice but all those ends, it will be lovely.

Queen of the froggers said...

The swirly shawl looks great and the other one too. Is it the Wool pedlars shawl?

LittleBerry said...

You have been busy this week... the swirl shawl looks lovely and you've got more stamina than me.... 160 ends to weave in **shudders**

Terri said...

Love the shawl!!!
You know your sock blockers..... they're longer than standard length aren't they? where dd you get them from?
I love Wham!!! Gonna be singing that song for the rest of the day now......Baby, IIIII'm yooooouuur mannnnnnnnnn;-)

Rosie said...

Love the socks, want to steal the yarn, adore the shawl, can't stand Wham!

Diana said...

Yep, you've got lots on needles too but we will get them done one day!! Is that a Tasha Tudor shawl? I used to not like all the garter stitch but I have changed my mind lately. It's really nice and I love the simplicity of it.
You're in London and you went to Maryland Sheep and Wool? I am very impressed that's Pure Fiber Devotion!!
I don't have sock blockers but they are pretty enough to own even if you don't feel like you need them!
Oh, I saw that spiral shawl recently on Ravelry. A gal, 'Indigomuse' is knitting it too. It's so pretty and unusual.