Thursday, 10 April 2008

I'll be back

My last couple of days in Australia couldn't have been more different from the previous three weeks but were fascinating and enjoyable just the same. On Tuesday our first stop was the headquarters of the Jesuits in Melbourne. A little more grand accommodation than I have been used to...

We spent the afternoon conducting a telephone interview with a teacher from New Zealand who was applying for a six month job in Timor Leste. I offered to scribe and found myself being introduced as part of the panel!

The next day, as my flight home was a night flight I spent the day helping babysit Jan's 18 month old grandson who is a dear little chap. We went to the beach...

Not a bad final image from a wonderful journey.

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kaet said...

You have described your trip so evocatively even without the photos, and now with them as well I can see you'll miss it a lot.

Ease yourself back into England!