Friday, 25 April 2008

End of week round up with added Exciting News!

My needles have been flying furiously this week as I am still in the grip of finishing fever. Can't say how long it will last so I have to make the most of it!

The Wishbone Lace socks are finished. Just to recap, the pattern is by Nancy Bush and published in the latest issue of Piecework. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill and they are knitted on five 2.25mm needles. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting these from start to finish. You can always rely on Nancy Bush to design a beautiful sock which will often have a new and interesting cast on or a subtly different heel turn and these socks had both. I always feel that I am learning something new when I make one of her designs. She also has an enormous knowledge of and respect for the history of knitting and often builds that knowledge into her designs which further adds to their charm for me.

It's been a busy week work wise so there have been plenty of times when all I am capable of is dozing over my plain sock on the bus. Trouble is, the Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn is so soft and fuzzy I think it adds to my sleepiness. May I publicly apologise to fellow London Transport passengers if you have found my snoring in any way alarming or annoying...

I have had my eye out for some time for a small pouch to keep my sock knitting in to stop it getting tangled up with the rest of the contents of my work bag. You never know when a forgotten banana or biro is going to mutiny and spread its sticky presence all over the inside of your bag. Ironically, I think I have discovered the perfect pouch but it's so pretty I couldn't bear the thought of it falling victim to decomposing fruit! In fact I could see myself using it as a handbag in its own right or at the very least swinging along to knitting group with it!

It is by Cotton and Cloud who sells them and lots of other beautiful bags and pouches made from Japanese fabrics under the name of Watanwatan on Etsy. She is based in London so do go and have a look at her things - they really are beautiful. Mine is called Japanese umbrellas and has a drawstring inside cover and a zipped pocket on the outside for stitch markers and darning needles etc. There is plenty of room inside for a couple of sock projects but that's no reason to confine yourself to just one - I could see another one coming home with me!

Speaking of talented independent fibre artists just take a look at a little something Natalie from the Yarn Yard sent me. An exquisite little skein of DK weight silk.

I'm sure that Natalie won't mind me telling you that I saw the base yarn and believe me, you have to have a dyer's eye to see the potential of it. This started life as an acidic yellow even a firm advocate of the sunny colour like me was hard pressed to look at.Who knew it could be transformed into something so beautiful? Thank you, Natalie. Now to decide what to make with it.

And now for my piece of Very Exciting News! This time next week I will be in America. Not just any part of America, I will be in Maryland for the Sheep and Wool Festival! I can't quite believe that I am really going but a friend of mine has family who live very near the showground and happens to be there on business and asked if I would like to come for the long bank holiday weekend and take in the festival. I didn't need asking twice as you can imagine! I'll stop using exclamation marks now.

There are already at least two readers of this blog (Hi Nikki and Vi) that I am hoping to meet up with but if there are any more of you planning to be there do let me know - it would be fantastic to meet you.


quantumtea said...

I'll be there, I'm flying in from St Louis Missouri to stay with my best friend and hit the festival. And I'm English too!

There's a Ravelry meetup in the Rabbit building on Saturday from 11:30 - 1:00, I plan to check in there for a little bit, hope to bump into you!

stash haus said...

How exciting! I've wanted to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival and to Rhinebeck for years. I'm looking forward to you blog entries about the festival!

And that silk is GORGEOUS!

Mandella said...

I'm thrilled for you! Have a wonderful time.

Oh, and it goes without saying (but I will anyway) the Wishbone socks are beautiful. Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Hmmm.

Mrs J said...

Love the socks -I have the Mountain colours yarn in my stash! perhaps a Nancy Bush pattern would be the way to go!

As for your other news..... enjoy. At least I am going to Woolfest in a couple of months!

Auntie Noo said...

WOW that is exciting! We will be needing a minute by minute account!!! LOL. All your knitting looks wonderful natalie's yarn has "done it again" - Just beautiful.

Rosie said...

OOh, yummy socks, desirable bag, fabulous yarn and an exciting trip in the offing:hope you'll have a lovely time!

kathryn said...

Lucky you!!!

Have a wonderful time!

Jeanne said...

Great socks - love the Nancy Bush ones. The silk yarn is just gorgeous. Have fun at the festival!

Nikki said...

I'm counting down the days!!!

(and your socks are beautiful too!)