Sunday, 27 April 2008

Back behind the wheel

It's wonderful to be reunited with my spinning wheel so I thought I would show you what we have been working on. The red and yellow blue faced Leicester roving has been on the wheel for a while as I have really only has the odd few minutes here and there to spend on it. Frustratingly, this showed in the fact that it was difficult to get myself back into a rhythm, as if my newly found skills were going backwards instead of forwards. I just couldn't seem to get the wheel adjusted properly, the yarn kept breaking and then the drive band, (otherwise known as the piece of string) snapped. Grrr...

I thought with all this lack of harmony with my wheel that I was going to produce a very second rate skein of yarn but look! It's not too bad is it? I dunked it in really hot water then gave it a most satisfying bashing on the garden table, dried it in the sun and it's totally transformed. I wanted the reds and yellows to be well blended, to make the most of the lovely range of orange shades that are created where they meet. The most pleasant surprise, however, and I wish once again that blogs came with touch and smell is how soft and lustrous the yarn is.

I'm still not quite sure what it might become, however.

Spurred on by my unexpected success I turned to this month's Yarn Yard fibre club offering, some rather lovely organic merino in a shade called 'Thistles'. This is evenly painted in two shades of two colours so I thought that instead of trying to get an all over blend of the shades as I had done with the last project, I would try something different.

Here is the roving, plaited up looking gorgeous.

And look - I have torn it to shreds. I decided that I would spin the greens and the pinks separately into complementary yarns. The green would still have flashes of pink.

And the pink would be flecked with green as I deliberately tore them apart quite roughly. That bit was fun...

I also wanted the yarn to be a little heavier and more lightly twisted than the 'heavy sock weight' that seems to be my default yarn these days which took some concentration but here are my first results.

This is the green yarn straight off the wheel before setting but I am getting pretty much the effect that I wanted. My current plan is to make something in entrelac which I think will show the 'two yarns from one' effect well but I am open to suggestions - what would you do with this?


Queen of the froggers said...

I like the yellow and orange yarn, lovely colours. I find that my spinning is affected by lack of practice and my mood! Thistles is lovely, entrelac is something that will look great in handspun. I can't think of any ideas for you though. :)

Nikki said...

Both of those are very pretty!!

Mrs J said...

I just love the pictures!

LittleBerry said...

Love the BFL yarn I'm part way through my 2nd half of that, but I've preserved the colour sequences....

Thistles is looking great... entrelac mmmm what about either a scarf or a cushion front?

tea and cake said...

Hello, I just found you via 'the string bag' and what a lovely surprise! Your wool looks very lovely indeed.
The only idea I could come up with for your entrelac is for something like a tea-cosy or a bag.
It'll be exciting to see what you do come up with in the end.
K xx

Mandella said...

The yarn is lovely. What is it about handspun that makes it so luscious?

I have to fix my spinning wheel too - due to a broken elastic band. I bet I can't find one when I need one.

There's a pattern in the knitting pattern a day calendar (2-3 weeks ago) for a mitred square scarf, where one "grows" out of the next with the pointy side down. I think it would look lovely in handspun.