Thursday, 27 March 2008

Rain on a tin roof

I'm told that this is a quintessentially Australian experience - to lie in bed and listen to the rain hammer on the traditional tin roof. It certainly is a very restful and soothing sound.

You can almost hear the vegetation sigh as it takes its fill of the precious water, so long awaited. Today, I took up residence in the kitchen, preparing kilos of fresh basil and rocket pesto, zucchini frittata and fresh tomato soup, taking advantage of the glut of fresh produce and fighting a battle of wills with a cantankerous wood burning stove.

Life in the kitchen here still takes me out into the open air on a regular basis, Settling down to sort handfuls of freshly picked rocket and basil, tucked in under the eaves of the house to avoid the rain, but close enough to outside to see the purposeful flight of the currawong, the wily observation of the kookaburra, the joyful exuberance of the crimson rosellas and the rowdy calls of the yellow tailed black cockatoos the vista is ever changing, ever engaging.

It also makes a rather cosy knitting spot....

Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes - I really did have a wonderful day, just being here. I will answer everyone when I return home, At the moment, my online time is a little limited.

Knitting wise, I have now finished my Noro sock - I love the colour of it. The colour repeat ran through the whole of the sock with no repetition so with a little editing I should be able to make the second a reasonable match so long as they don't through a clunky colour changing knot into the mix as they did at the beginning of the ball. I am glad that I undid the sock and rejoined the yarn at the right place in the repeat - something I'm not very good at doing - I'm a forge straight ahead sort of knitter!

I've also done another repeat of the Wishbone Lace sock so progress is happening. Leon has also put in a request for another hat. I knitted a very quick and simple Shetland hat for him on a previous visit. Quite honestly, it isn't the best fit, being a little on the baggy side and I have to suppress a giggle every time I see him in it. Leon is probably one of the least appearance conscious person I know, despite claiming that he bears a passing resemblance to Sean Connery. He has discovered that because of the breathability of the woollen fabric that it actually makes a cooler head covering in the heat than the usual baseball cap and would like another one so that it can occasionally visit the washing machine.

Who am I to say no?


Sussex Yorkie said...

Fresh basil and rocket pesto, zucchini frittata. Stop torturing me!

K. said...

All that food talk IS kind of hard to take when the garden isn't even growing yet... I find it darn near impossible to not make someone something as simple as hat when they love the previous one you've made them. And there is nothing like a custom fit...