Saturday, 2 February 2008

Yellow yarn needs love too!

When I designed the Karenina sock for the Socktopus sock club I knew I was taking a little bit of a risk choosing to work with a golden yellow yarn because, as anyone who makes a brief survey of the answer to the favourite colour question on Ravelry will tell you, yellow doesn't often make an appearance. Now I've always had a bit of a soft spot for yellow. It was my mum's favourite colour. I can still remember her in one of her favourite summer dresses, a sleeveless shirt dress in a glowing shade of sunshine yellow. It always makes me think of long sunny days at the seaside.

On visiting the Socktopus Sock Club blog, it has made me smile to read that many people said how yellow is indeed one of their least favourite colours but had really enjoyed using this one. Obviously, it had to be the right sort of yellow and Daphne at the Knittery did do us proud. One of the best bits of being in a sock club is to allow yourself to be taken out of your comfort zone isn't it?

So, I would like to continue my campaign, to bring yellow in from the cold. It can be a warm, vibrant colour, can give a rich depth to other colours and, particularly at this dark and chilly time of year, remind us that sunnier days will soon be here.

Just to inspire you I had a rummage in my stash and came up with these examples of how interesting and diverse yellow can be.

Here is, from the top, Gypsy Girl Creations in Brindle, Smooshy, by Dream in Colour in Strange Fruit, (I used some of this yarn in my first pair of Marvelous Mittens), and finally Woolen Rabbit sock yarn in Tupelo Honey. How can you resist that name?

Next is some naturally dyed sock yarn and four ply yarn, both Blue Faced Leicester from Oxford Kitchen Yarns surrounding some Rauma Finullgarn.

And here we have more Oxford Kitchen and some Apple Pie by Apple Laine.

I have also done some knitting. Below is the first sock in the Yarn Yard Sock Club January Yarn. I needed to work quite a large swatch before I was happy with the effect as some of the shades in the painted yarn merge a little into the solid but over a broader expanse of pattern gives the effect that I was looking for, a faded and well used carpet. The false flame stitch is easy to work and gives an interesting, almost woven texture to the fabric.

I am grateful to members of the Socktopus sock club for tips on techniques to improve my socks. With this one I have knitted down the inside of the picot rather than sewing it and worked the colour change at the side of the foot rather than the back to better conceal the jog. I enjoy the way we are always learning from each other.

And have you noticed? There's yellow in this pattern too!

Lastly, thank you to everyone for their get well wishes - I know I'm better now as I'm enjoying my knitting again.


vi said...

i am glad you are feeling better kid
and i love them colors


Auntie Noo said...

Yellow's a funny colour isn't it?! - Most of my house is painted one shade of yellow or another (none of it is bright sunrise yellow I might add!) but it's a warm cheerful colour when darker (Lounge), and a fresh clean colour when pale (in my bedroom)But I just can't wear it....... it just doesn't ever get thought of. Sad really!!!

Glad you're feeling better.

LittleBerry said...

lovely artistic shots of the yellow yarn.... my first knitted lace shawl was a goldy yellow but haven't knit with the colour since.... if you look at what the yarn manufacturers produce there is very little yellow......

I love the sock **sigh**

gilraen said...

I love the yellow that came with the club parcel Jane. I'm just one of those people who wait and read and look and wait etc before trying something new.
2 years ago I was introduced to the 'idea' of knitting socks and started actually knitting them a year later. It was another year before I would try toe up so I will get to knit your georgeous socks Jane but it takes me a while before I try something new.

BTW My whole downstairs is painted a lovely warm golden yellow, I love yellow. :)

yogicknitter said...

I've always used a lot of yellow (soft and pale) in home decoration but avoided it like the plague for knitting but that Knittery yarn was something totally different it had so much depth and warmth to it. I'm lovin it. Not sure how this will effect my future buys at the moment but who knows ( you see I'm a pink girl at heart.)

Mandella said...

I'm so pleased you're feeling better.

What's to dislike about yellow? It's the colour children paint the sun, it's daffodils, sand on the beach, blonde hair, bananas ... shall I go on?

Well, I don't like mustard.

Queen of the froggers said...

The colour looks great against your new blog colours. Yellow is an often neglected colour, it is hardly in the clothes shops is it?

Anonymous said...

yellow often turns out to be the "missing" colour that is going to transform my hand-paints from pretty to super-desirable. Just a litle gold stippled over, or a tiny bit of lemon poured into a green/blue/pink.

Anni said...

Gorgeous socks and all the yarns are stunning.

K. said...

I think lots of people like yellow if it is just the right shade. I don't care for dark yellows, but I love pale yellows. That sock is absolutely gorgeous. I love yellow and red together.

missmalice said...

glad ou are feeling better! just wanted to thank you for 'making my day' - have given you a little award on my blog.