Thursday, 25 October 2007

Out and Proud!

I am delighted to announce that the pattern for the Have you Checked your Breasts socks is finished and ready for you to download should you wish to. I thought long and hard about the title of this post to continue with the message that we need to be open and unembarrassed about breast awareness but I didn't want to attract the attention of the wrong sort of googler. I wouldn't want to be the cause of any disappointment for those in search of fruitier fantasies.

On the side bar on the right you will see a section with three elements. Firstly, a link to the file hosting site from which this pattern can be downloaded as a pdf file free of charge.

Second is a link to a Justgiving page that I have set up in support of Breast Cancer Care which I would ask you to visit and make a small donation to support this important organisation. I chose Breast Cancer Care as their objectives match up with the spirit in which this pattern was developed, to encourage women to seek information and support in the care of their breasts in an open and positive way.

I was brought up on an island, in a small rural community. When people wanted to offer fruit and vegetables from their gardens for sale they would place the produce at the front gate with an 'honesty box' next to it which they trusted people to put money into in return. It is in this spirit that the request for small donations is made. We have created a wonderful online knitting community where I feel safe to revive old community traditions.

Of course, if you can't afford to make a donation, please take a copy of the pattern with my best wishes. If it helps you to remember to check your breasts and speak to your loved ones and ask them to do so too then this pattern will have done what it meant for.

Third is a link to the Yarn Yard. Natalie, Mrs Yarn Yard, has been both an inspiration and a collaborator in this project from the beginning. Not only did she write the piece on her blog which got me thinking about the concept for these socks, she has been busy dying up mini skeins of a beautiful crushed raspberry yarn which will be plenty enough to work the ribbons which she is offering free of charge with any purchase of sock yarn from her. She has also developed a lovely warm, creamy yarn called 'Porage Oats' which is a close cousin of the one off skein that I used for the original. Natalie will be launching this yarn at an online party that she will be holding on Saturday - do pop over and join us!

This has been a really satisfying project for me. I have had to work quickly to get this launched before the end of October so whilst Natalie has read it through for me to ensure that my explanations make sense, it hasn't been test knitted so of course I will be on hand to deal with any queries you might have. A Have you Checked your Breasts sock isn't just for October!


picperfic said...

downloaded and donated! I will make these socks for my friend. She has been through and survived breast cancer. I also won her a prize on another blog (details on mine)so these socks will make a lovely addition to her parcel. Now I suppose I will have to go and order that yarn! lol

natalie said...

Porage Oats on the way... still a bit dark to take photos here in Scotland (it's 08.00), but I'll put a pic up later today.

I would like to say that Jane has been an inspiration to work with. Thanks, J. xx


Auntie Noo said...

Fabulous pattern Jane, and a great cause. You and n make a great team, YAY to you both!!

hannahbridges said...

thanks Jane. pattern downloaded and donation made.