Tuesday, 2 October 2007

My very own Spirals!

Regular readers of this blog will remember that back in June I was commissioned by Natalie from the Yarn Yard to design a sock pattern for her to give away with her yarn on her stall at Woolfest. The brief was to show how hand paints and semi solids can be used together creatively and that colour work does not have to be daunting for a beginner.
I designed the Spiral Sock pattern in slip stitches for her and also made several examples in different yarn combinations to show how they changed the effect of the design. Now this is a dream task for any sock knitter - all the pleasure of of that first sock, over and over again - with no guilt about second sock syndrome.
Recently, Natalie set up a knitalong for the pattern on the Crafty Threads n' Yarns forum and invited me as the designer to join them to answer any questions that people might have, especially those taking their first steps in colour work. It occurred to me that although I had knitted this sock several times over, I didn't actually have a pair for myself so the knitalong seemed like a pretty good opportunity. I have to say that I was completely bowled over by the beautiful socks people produced, especially Murdo for whom these were her second pair of socks - ever!
To my shame, while nearly everyone else has long finished their socks, I was seduced by other projects and fell behind. But no more! The socks are done, complete with the cunning little short row adjustment that I invented sitting in a field in Oxfordshire to even up the toes. I used Cherry Tree Hills Supersock in solid purple with an oddment of handpaint whose name escapes me. These socks are a great way to use up those pesky little balls of hand paint that are too pretty to part with that we all have lying around.
From today, Natalie has very kindly given her permission for me to post a link in my patterns section on the sidebar to the Spiral Socks (newly updated with aforementioned cunning adjustment), on her website and will send anyone who asks a copy of this pattern. No yarn purchase necessary but if you can escape from her site without a little something in your shopping cart you are a better sock fiend than me!
For some reason, I have a flurry of projects, all nearing completion in the next couple of days. Watch out for the eye popping debut of the Queens of the Night...you can leave your hat on.


Adrienne said...

Your socks look fantastic!

Maggie said...

Oh wow, super socks! :-)

Time I searched out my knitting again, don't know where the time is going these days... Spending too much time pampering my visitor! ;-)

murdo said...

I loved my Spiral Socks...the pattern was a joy for a new sock person like me!!! OH has asked why I was packing them for a holiday in Turkey...well it might be cold!!!!! You will have to start designing golf socks and enter my competition!!