Saturday, 29 September 2007

This, that and a big thank you!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone for their kind words about the Bracket Fungus sock pattern and a special thank you to Natalie for telling so many people about it and to Lixie for giving it a mention in her podcast! There is a link to the podcast in my sidebar. Do go and have a listen, she has lots of interesting knitting news and some intro music that particularly speaks to my love of cheesy 70s funk.

So far, an incredible 119 downloads have been made. N and I had a small bet on how many downloads there would be before the end of September. Suffice to say I have already been well and truly spanked (or gubbed as she would say!) Lots of people have put the pattern in their queue on Ravelry. It will be lovely to see if any different interpretations get posted over the next few weeks. But enough of Fungal matters...

I have spun my first bobbin of the merino silk and am really loving the way that it is coming out. I have ordered another 200g of the roving as I have decided that I would like to try a version of the Lady Eleanor entrelac wrap from Scarf Style. I have started and abandoned several versions of this beautiful project as I just haven't been able to find the right yarn for it. Many people have used Noro silk garden but I just found the colour repeats too long to give a nice distribution of colour across the piece. Having really got to grips with entrelac by making the Eunny Jang socks I have decided to give it another go. It will be good to have a slightly more substantial spinning project to get my teeth into.

Sock knitting has also continued unabated. The first Queens of the Night sock is finished. If I decide to write this pattern up I will have to make some changes to the 'flower rows' as the offsetting of every other row doesn't work without a certain amount of fudging when I get into working it in the round for the cuff. It looks fine but I would have a dreadful job trying to describe what I had done on paper!

Finally, I have been trying really hard to control my yarn buying habits but I fell off the wagon momentarily here.. This is a skein of Fiesta Boomerang in the Misty Morning colourway which is so boingy and soft that it may have to be mitts instead of socks and some merino from The Knittery in an absolutely beautiful colour called Wild Orchid. Who could fail to look forward to autumn when surrounded by colours like this?

Stay tuned for shock news about a certain unfinished project...


Nikki said...

I've spun merino/silk before and it is lovely. Right now I'm currently in love with BFL.

Somehow, I'm not surprised that your sock patterns have been downloaded so much. They're great socks!

and I LOVE the Misty Morning!

blog-blethers said...

Well, I've now added to the download totals too;) What beautiful socks you've designed and thank you so much for sharing the patterns!

Ronni said...

Your merino is beautiful. I love those oceany shades of blue with the so subtle touches of gold and purple. And you spun it so beautifully! I'll have to go hunting to see if you posted a photo of the source fiber. I love seeing the differences in color that come from the spinning process.