Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Queens of the Night

When I was exploring the lanes and passages of Medieval hill towns in Italy I noticed how people would brighten their balconies and doorways with vibrant, flowering plants. One in particular stayed in my mind as I was entranced by the way that from the same plant were growing pink flowers, yellow flowers and many which were both pink and yellow in harlequin style. I was told that they were known as Queens of the Night.

Imagine my surprise and delight to come home and discover the colours of this month's Yarn Yard club yarn. There was nothing else for it but to try and concoct a sock which reminded me of these brazen blooms.

I can promise that these socks will be no shrinking violets, they are out, loud and proud. Just right with your perspex pole dancing shoes.... anyone?

Moving swiftly on...

I realised with some alarm that I had nothing on my bobbins and my wheel was looking abandoned so I consulted the fibre stash (yes, I have amassed a respectable one already) and decided on this Lisa Souza merino silk 50/50 blend which had a wonderful sheen. This time it has been blended before dying so I am splitting it into finger sized strips and spinning them end to end to get short colour repeats as I am planning a shawl or scarf which doesn't really need to stripe - so far it feels gorgeous.

And finally, as promised, my one knitting related holiday purchase - two genuine Italian darning needles!


Saffron said...

I really enjoy your blog. I tend to lurk, but I wanted to say that the merino/silk fiber look beautiful and soft!

natalie said...

There is no stopping you is there?
The swatch is tantalising... when can we see more?
Is your middle name Bhordi, or Jang by any chance?