Monday, 24 September 2007

Coming clean

A friend commented the other day that I had a laudably brief list of work in progress in my side bar. Today I had a bit of a rummage in my knitting basket and came up with a couple of buried treasures....

Exhibit A: Austrian Knee Socks from Sock, Socks, Socks. I started these as a challenge to myself as they involve about 7 different twisted stitch patterns all repeating over a different number of rows on 2mm needles. Never mind a challenge - I must have wanted my head examined! I think I have stalled on them for a couple of reasons; firstly, I discovered that I had reversed one of the patterns right at the beginning of the sock - far too far back to consider ripping them back. I didn't think imperfections bothered me but the wind went right out of my sails. Secondly, I have realised that I am as much of a product knitter as a process knitter as I can't seem to fix in my head a vision of them finished which is also somehow preventing me from returning to the needles.

Exhibit B: Alongside my languishing socks I found this, a jumper based on a Danish ladies' undershirt knit on 2.5mm needles in gansey wool with an all over pattern of Scandinavian stars in reverse stocking stitch. Now I am not necessarily daunted by large projects on small needles but all was going marvellously until I found that I had lost my way in the pattern. Not something to do on 350 stitches in the round. I know that I just need to take back a couple of rows until the pattern is straight again but once again,I have lost my momentum and put it to one side.

I have now posted these two projects here and on my Ravelry space as a way of character building. It's not enough to set out on terribly complicated projects only to give up at a point where it would be a real shame to tear out some pretty good knitting. I can't promise that they will be finished in the foreseeable future but I am going to press on with them. Do me a favour - ask me how they are going now and then please!

Finally, just to prove that I am capable of finishing something - here are the Meida's socks, all done!


Nikki said...

Those socks are beautiful!

Woollywarbler said...

There now, I bet you feel much better for showing them. I have a little something of my own which is hibernating at the moment, you have to be in the right frame of mind or you'll never enjoy it. As beautiful as the Austrian sock is, would you feel better if you simply frogged it and made something equally as gorgeous?
The undershirt has obviously had lots of hard work lavished upon it, so why not make this your task for the week? Get to grips with it, bet it doesn't take very long once you get going. It's too pretty to leave unattended. I could be like Donkey from Shrek "Are we there yet?" ;)

natalie said...

I am far too much of a scaredy cat to attempt either of those projects.

I think I'm with WW about the socks.
Will you ever wear the undershirt? Is it's knitted presence stopping you from knitting something more interesting and fun with the rest of the cone?

Anni said...

I love those socks and the yarn you used. It's just gorgeous. Just saw them on Crafty Yarns and had to head over to your blog so I could tell you how gorgeous they are. As are your Fungus socks. Love them.