Friday, 14 September 2007

Back from La Bella Italia

Well, here I am, back from Italy, replete with beautiful images and warm sunshine. Thanks to my generous and knowledgeable host, Juergen and his inexhaustible and utterly lovable border collie, Effi, I will be spending many happy hours reliving the beautiful things I have seen whether they be in the hectic splendour of Rome or the fertile solitude of an Umbrian olive grove.

I was, of course, wildy ambitious concerning the amount of knitting that I would accomplish but there was opportunity enough to make some reasonable progress. Here are Meida's socks, a whisker or two from completion and a joy to knit from start to nearly finished.

However, this project is the one that I am most proud of - one completed St Kilda Gelato Mitt in my own hand spun from the Yarn Yard blue faced Leicester roving. I can definitely see more mitts such as this in my life as autumn draws nearer. Not only are they rather pretty and lacy but I also find that they are perfect for a fidget like me to keep her hands warm as they don't have to be pulled on and off to hunt for my bus ticket, purse or phone. They are also wonderful for that skein of sock yarn that is just too beautiful to hide inside shoes.

I like to make them good and long to cut out any icy blasts running up the sleeve and to give them a proper thumb to ensure a good fit. Close observers may notice that I have used the same stitch pattern as for my Cornish scallop socks as I wanted to give some movement to the colour changes and was just too impatient to see if the idea worked to memorise another stitch pattern!

The BFL yarn has knitted up beautifully and whilst there is room for improvement in my spinning technique the yarn is a very even gauge and has even fallen into some discernible stripes. I have noticed, however that there is a slight tendency for the fabric to bias which I am assuming means that the yarn isn't quite balanced. If any experienced spinners out there have any advice on avoiding this I would be very grateful.

Finally, my fibre obsession is such that even when it comes to holiday photos I am thinking about what might inspire my winter knitting when all about is a bit drab and grim. Here are a couple of photos from my Italian home for the week. I will be on the look out for sock yarn which reminds me of these.

A selection of what can be gleaned from an Italian orchard in late summer.

Fresh figs straight from the tree.

Next time I will reveal my only knitting related purchase from the trip...


murdo said...

Belissimo!!!! And fresh figs...yum! I adore your socks :)

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! Love the color toO!!!!!

Lucy said...

Beautiful socks and the gorgeous Gelato Mitten looks almost edible!! As for those figs and other fruits... totally yummy! So glad you had a wonderful trip - look forward to your next post!!