Thursday, 9 August 2007

Knitting in public at Cropredy

I'm going to be away in sunny Oxfordshire for a couple of days knitting in public at the Cropredy folk festival. I shall be knitting with this lovely Cherry Tree Hill yarn as part of the Spiral Sock Knit Along.

Is participating in a knit along for your own pattern a bit odd? Maybe, but I didn't ever make a pair for myself so it seems like a good opportunity to see if I can follow my own directions!


Adrienne said...

that yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

stitchwort said...

Sensational colours!

Enjoy the festival - whilst I would cross the road to hear Damon Barber and/or Bob Fox, I am not so sure about most of the others.
Haven't been to a Folk Festival since Peter Bellamy killed himself.

kathryn said...

It's a long time since we went to Cropredy but I can remember it all very clearly. It's probably changed lots but I'm very envious.

Iris G said...

Hope you have fun at the festival!

KnittingJenny said...

Wow, Jane, those are beautiful colors. You are my sock mentor.