Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I love knitters!

Knitters are wonderful people, let me count the ways...

Firstly my big thanks to Iris G for awarding me this groovy accolade! Thanks Iris - the feeling is entirely mutual.
In the spirit of this fine award, it is my pleasant duty to pass it on to the following bloggers for their outstanding contribution to the diminution of my knitting time.

Lixie Knits It Not only is Lixie a fine blogger and podcaster she is on her honeymoon as we speak so this comes with my best wishes to you both for the future

Nickerjac Nic is one of the most creative people I know who is currently turning her creative endeavors to something entirely different (see below). This comes with love to the three of you!

Missmalice Alice writes a great blog, is a fellow new spinner and is just about to open an online yarn shop. No Alice, I'm not just sucking up...

Vakerellen Hanne writes her blog in Finnish and English which is impressive enough but she is also the speediest test knitter in the universe!

Liverpool Leftovers Maggie mixes some beautiful gardening photographs with her knitting on her blog. She is also having a tough time at the moment so this is to remind her that I am thinking of her

and finally.... The Yarn Yard Club. This is a group award, with apologies to any gentlemen of the species who might be members, to say what a wonderful, supportive creative bunch you are, with especial thanks to Natalie for making it all possible.

and you thought Gwyneth Paltrow gushed when she got an award....

Display your awards with pride ladies, you've earned them, and don't forget to spread the love.

Secondly, I have been overwhelmed by the positive response to my sock pattern. I was really nervous about it and now I am really glad I shared it with you. I am particularly stunned by the lovely people here who have said such encouraging things about it and even organised a knit along for the Spiral Sock pattern that I designed for the Yarn Yard. A KNIT ALONG!!!! I admit I am feeling more than a little giddy.

And finally, time to get back to the knitting before I become insufferable. Does anyone remember this snippet that I posted back in May?

Well it turned into this, which is a gift for Nic and Andy and their impending arrival, affectionately known as Peanut. Officially, it is a Baby Poncho from an ancient issue of Interweave Knits made in Lang Fortissima 100% cotton but Andy has renamed it as Peanut's Windy Miller Top.I think the name suits it perfectly.

I think I ought to go and do some good, plain, sensible knitting now.


Adrienne said...

That is SOOOOO cute! You rockin blogger you!

organic-lizzi said...

The top was very,very nice..

Iris G said...

Wow Jane, thank you so much for introducing me to these amazing fellow bloggers!
The Baby poncho looks cute as pie...such a fresh color!

Nickerjac said...

Thank you for Windy Likker and the award sorry its taken me a while to post about it :)