Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hand spun shawl

I've now finished and blocked the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits made in my own hand spun from Yarn Yard pencil roving. I plied a bright violet, green and pink roving against a pale lilac roving and it turned out like this! Here is a closer detail:

It was a lovely project from start to finish - I feel as if I know every last inch of it. Because the pattern is in two halves, grafted in the middle, I was able to use all the yarn down to the final stitch. When you have made the yarn yourself you really don't want to waste any of it! Speaking of grafting, I am pleased to report that I have finally got the hang of doing kitchener stitch across a larger number of stitches thanks to this really helpful video on YouTube. I have been able to hide my less competent efforts on socks by only leaving 8 stitches at the toe but from now on I will be able to kitchener as much as I like!
Lastly, I just wanted to show you my new blocking boards - giant snakes and ladders from the Early Learning Centre. They are fabulous as not only do they have straight edges to line things up on (if you can avoid the pesky snakes) you can also put them together in any configuration so they are really useful for long and triangular shawls. And of course, if you're feeling competitive you can whip out the giant dice and counters and give those snakes a run for their money!


Iris G said...

I love the colour! Kitchener takes practice doesn't it? I still get twisted stitches occasionally when doing it :).
Just sent you an e-award (on my blog), a badge in hot pink!

natalie said...

This is gorgeous, I love the glimpses of green in amongst the lilac and pink.... I feel strangely emotional, having seen the undyed naked roving, and met the man who created it from the flecce as well... (he's a real craftsman).

I now need to visit the ELC to buy mats too. I'm supposed to be saving for a new wheel, are you trying to sabotage my plans?

Can you give the link to the kitchener video please?

Adrienne said...

Very beautiful!!!!

picperfic said...

that shawlette looks beautiful! Your yarn is very the colours and it looks beautifully squidgy too!

gilraen said...

Georgeous colour! :)

Brilliant idea about the snakes and ladders!! Cheers :)

organic-lizzi said...

Love that shawl..beautiful colour:-)